Health Care Consumer Trends And Marketing

Identify some different healthcare coverage options for consumers. What are the main differences? Who might each of these options be best for? Why?

Health insurance is important for individuals and families, the options may vary and one gets which is most suitable for them. There are insurances that are short term, which are mostly used before on gets their health coverage that is permanent or when one is between jobs. The temporary medical insurance is generally cheaper as compared to the affordable care act, one has to answer a few questions to see if they qualify for the health coverage, it is important to note that if you had preexisting conditions then they are not covered and it is easy and fast to get approved. On the other hand, the affordable care act, a health plan, covers even preexisting conditions, it covers health benefits including maternity, mental health, care of newborn and others (Walshe & Smith, 2011)

The short-term insurance is recommended when an individual is unable to apply for a permanent health coverage which is commonly referred to as Obamacare. It also serves as a bridge to medical services but only applies for family members below twenty-six years after that you are expected to get your own insurance. It also applies to individuals who are healthy and that are below sixty-five years. For the permanent coverage, parents are allowed to cover their children, individuals with small businesses do get tax credit and it does away with lifetime limits as well annual limits such that individuals with chronic ailments get covered sufficiently.


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