Health Care Timeline

Timeline of Events which Influenced and Changed the Health Care Delivery Systems


  1. 1988: Insurance seeking coverage increase during this year from 5 to 14%, prompting to advancement in the healthcare system. This caused impact of the sicker patients whereby the cost of living decreased (Pierre et al. 2011).
  2. 1990: Various innovations were done on the heath care sector. Almost 38% of the programs set to benefit the patients were under health care (Irwin et al. 2012).
  3. 1997: The ratio of the programs managed by the health care increased from 18% to 82% and only few programs maintained a constant conventional care programs. This was due to the pressure created to reach optimal value in health care programs (Kim & Agulnik, 2010).
  4. 1999: There was decrease to the people not having insurance health care. This percentage moved from 10.1 to 9 percentages. This called for change within the health care programs (Pierre et al. 2011).
  5. 2000: In response to the Balanced Budget Act cuts of 1997, the federal government authorized the outpatient in Medicare (Irwin et al. 2012).
  6. 2002: The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 were therefore introduced to create protection to the patients from future attacks (Pierre et al. 2011).
  7. 2003: Improvement and innovation Act introduced prescription plans which were for the elderly and under the Prescription plans for the elderly were created under Medicare Prescription Drug (Irwin et al. 2012).
  8. 2004: More improvements were done whereby 60% of the residents had owned health care insurance under employer (Kim & Agulnik, 2010).
  9. 2006: Those residents without the health care insurance were supposed to have them before the year 2009 (Melton et al. 2012).
  10. 2010: There was a mark able increase in health care system GDP whereby it reached 15.5% which marked excellence work done in medical and also health care facilities (Pierre et al. 2011).

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