Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Delivery

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Discuss three current trends and directions for health care delivery in the united states and the role that managed care has in shaping those three trends

The health care systems in the united states have had a lot of reforms. This has been due to good management in the health care sector and also having skilled health care practitioners. The managers understand their various functions, duties and responsibilities and thus are more effective in carrying out their duties. There are various trends that have improved the health care delivery in the united states. Those trends include: enhancing access to health care, reducing waste in the delivery of high-quality care and directing technological innovation toward productive medical treatments.

Enhancing access to health care

Hospitals are being built in most places so as to ensure that people have access to health care in the united states. The health insurance markets in the United States have also increased thus ensuring that every individual receives quality health care (Abdelhak, 2014). Health insurance coverage is associated with better health outcomes for adults. It is also associated with having a regular source of care and with greater and more appropriate use of health services

Directing technological innovation toward productive medical treatments.

The adoption of new technologies in the health care system has increased efficiency in the delivery of services. This is because screening of disease now and highly expensive therapies can be done easily. Moreover, diseases can be recognized easily and prevention and cure can be done much faster. The cost of using ineffective technology can be directed towards preventive care thus investing more in improved health care.

Reducing waste in the delivery of high-quality care

Health care wastes are caused by factors such as health insurance and medical uncertainties that encourage the production of inefficient and low value services (Yoder-Wise, 2014). reducing wastes by increasing health insurance markets has increased efficiency and quality services delivered. it has also reduced the costs used in health care since the health insurance will cater for the medical treatment. through reusing disposable devices, hospitals will address both environmental and economic issues.

Besides managed care, what other forces have influenced these trends and directions?

Reduced costs

Not only has excessive spending in using ineffective technology been reduced but also the patients have saved on the costs of ineffective medical care (Yoder-Wise, 2014). Building health care units in accessible places have saved patients the cost of travelling to far places in order to receive medical care.

Quality patient care

This can be made easier if the healthcare manager has an open communication line with all the departments within the healthcare facility. Technological advancements will facilitate effective communication in the health care facilities (Abdelhak, 2014). Open communication improves the quality of services offered and the type of patient care received by those who visit the healthcare facility.

Are these trends and directions moving health care delivery in a positive direction? explain your response

The trends and directions are moving health care in a positive direction. This is because those trends have led to improved health care delivery since many people have accessibility to health care facilities. Moreover, access to health care facilities has improved the likelihood of disease screening and early detection, the management of chronic illness, and the effective treatment of acute conditions (Abdelhak, 2014). The trends have also increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services through improved technology which has made delivery of services faster. Advanced technology has also increased effective communication in the hospitals. the patients can communicate with nurses if they are in critical condition thus attend quickly.


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