Healthcare facility and services

Healthcare facility and services

Administration in human services

Part 1

The gingerline healthcare facility


Deliver quality healthcare services and sanitation at an affordable cost.


To foster quality affordable healthcare services to the society, research and ensure the best healthcare professionals render these services and implement quality health policies to better our society.


Meeting the ultimate and optimum healthcare standards and maintain it there.

Core values

Healthcare services offered

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Discipline
  4. Commitment
  5. Innovation
  6. Accountability
  7. Diligence
  8. To ensure quality deliverance of world-class healthcare services.

We have a number of quality services that we offer to the community so as to ensure high level of healthcare to our clients as well as foster convenience in the way these services are delivered.

Outpatient Care

In adherence to Dilenschneider (2013), these services are offered to patients who don’t have serious cases that require admittance and as a result healthcare specialists or pediatricians are availed to offer these primary-care services. We offer different outpatient healthcare such as; Primary outpatient care which encourages frequent visits of patients to the hospital for special extra care by the doctors and monitoring of their progress.

We also offer specialized outpatient care whereby exclusive specialists offer unique services for patients who are admitted at home or require urgent care for example a surgery. We have one hundred and forty eight staff working in this department of which 20 are doctors, 70 are nurses, 10 are drivers, 28 are maintenance personnel, 10 are supportive staff, 5 are in finance department and 5 are in the records department.

Inpatient Care

This is usually for patients who require constant monitoring in the hospital or who are deemed to be at risk if they stay at home when ill in accordance to Dilenschneider (2013). We monitor these patients on a 24-hour basis. The number of staff here are 80 although some of them work in shifts and may have been in the morning duty, given some hours off and resume at night. We offer various types of inpatient healthcare such as;

Acute standard care

Adamopoulos (2014) also insists that these are services offered to patients with chronic illnesses or those who require services that can only be offered in the hospital as a result of lack of healthcare facilities elsewhere.

Acute intensive care

We offer these types of services only to those patients who have serious bodily failures or malfunctions hence demanding this specialized care.

Follow-up care

This type of care, as suggested by Adamopoulos (2014), is mostly offered to patients who need constant monitoring during their recovery process or even rehabilitation process. Sometimes these services are offered to patients who need special facilities to keep their bodies functioning well.

Emergency and Rescue Services

Adamopoulos (2014) further depicts that these are the services we offer to ensure prompt response to a medical issue either in the facility or in the community. The rescue team is well equipped in case of a catastrophe or even medical emergency and is trained to respond immediately any time of the day or night. We have 21 workers in 7 different groups of 3’s. Hence we have an emergency number that we use in case we are needed, 45457.

Occupational Services

These are services we offer on the advantage of the patient by ensuring that the healthcare employees are fit to work in the facility. This is done by conducting regular random tests on their capabilities and fitness to work. We have a special team to conduct the tasks.

Rehabilitation Care

These are special services that we offer especially to patients who have undergone some drugs and substance withdrawal and require constant support in morals and staying free from drugs.

Preventive Care

These are services that we offer especially to pregnant women and babies so as to ensure that they do not get sick in future. These include vaccination and immunization programs as well as constant clinics for the pregnant women.


Accounting department

According to Adamopoulos (2013), this department ensures that the healthcare finances are well handled and the budgeting for the hospital is well done and implanting. Sets an efficient billing system.

Security department

Ensures the security of the facility remains a priority as well as its staff and patients.

Management department

Ensures that things are run well in the hospital as well as hiring and firing of the staff and responding to the complains forwarded from the patients.

IT’S Department

Ensures that data is well kept, handled and protected as well as maintaining and information network between various departments.

Transport department

Ensures that staff and patients are transported from place to place when needed. They work hand in hand with the emergency department.

Emergency department.

Ensures that incase of any emergency, either medically or even fires are well responded to.

Part 2

Ethical standards at gingerline healthcare facility

In order for any organization or facility to be successful in provision of its services or rather production of goods for economic purpose or community development, ethical standards must be set to act as guidelines on how things will be done to achieve quality and satisfaction. This is a way of ensuring that things are done right and expectations are met and as a result the aspect of honesty is achieved. “Ethics promote interpersonal and inter-facility desired relationship with the community and the government as well and as a result achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction” (Canford, 1998). This is particularly very important in a facility that offers healthcare services. Some standards have to be set to guide both the staff and the patients.

Care for the Patient

This is a basic ethical standard that should be well looked into and set in the Gingerline Healthcare facility. The core business of the facility is to offer services to the patients and not just any service but quality ones. One ethical characteristic is that the staff should be dedicated in providing their services to the patients and they should also be very polite with the patients. “Errors should be eliminated as much as possible in the work place to ensure rendering of quality healthcare,” (Christian & Gumbus, 2009).

Information Confidentiality

This is a very important aspect of ethics that should be maintained at a high level in the facility. “The patients have the right of information security in regards to their health as this should be only be between the patients and their doctors” as emphasized by Legan & Moran (2005). When this information is breached, this could be a legal matter rendering the credibility of the facility’s staff questionable. This ethical aspects is built through trust and confidentiality. In this way patients are able to present their health problems freely without the fear of victimization since they are sure it is confidential.

Decision making

This is another aspect that is of ethical importance. This is a way of responding to a medical emergency or issues and the procedures that should be followed in ensuring that a patient is offered the required healthcare. The employees should follow a certain set of guidelines in handling medical issues as well as establishing the right personnel to tackle emergencies in dependence to its nature (Legan & Moran, 2005). This is to eliminate dilemma and errors in patient care handling. Hence the doctors, nurses, trainees, and even the support staff should follow a given set of laws and guidelines to ensure accidents, errors, losses and even dilemmas are put at minimum.

Support to the Public

Krishnakumar & Neck (2002) emphasize that healthcare facility should ensure that it works cohesively with the society and in conjunction with the community. This is done by making sure that they give back to the society. High standards in ethics creates a bond between the hospital staff, the community and even the government in terms of support. The facility should also engage in community health awareness projects and sanitation program. This is a moral obligation of the facility to ensure that people in the surroundings are able to handle disease out-breaks and have a way of handling first aids on their own before seeking medical attention.

Employee Work-Ethics

These are directed to the employees of the facility in ensuring that they follow a set of rules in the work place to enhance “performance and productivity and the first one is punctuality and reliability,” (Conford, 1998). These two ensure that there is no stoppage in delivery of services and they must be adhered to unless there is absenteeism with apology. A good healthcare staff should be ethically dedicated in his work at the health center and should be expected to treat the patients with respect and politeness. This is ensures that there is productivity and improvement in services offered as well as the rate of their quality. Morals are also another aspect that depicts an ethical employees in the healthcare facility. Employees should not molest either their colleagues or patients either physically or sexually. This is a way of showing self-discipline in all aspects. This also ensures honesty and integrity in the work-place.

Companies with ethical standards

In accordance to Canford, (1998) the first tribute goes to the foundation. This company has been credited as one of the most ethical companies in the United States of America or rather globally. This company respects its staff as well as its customers and invests heavily on promotion of education through giving grants to needy cases for education purposes. Employees here are dedicated, honest, cooperative, and reliable and even have high rated moral character. It also offers some of the best salaries to its employees. This is an ethical obligation to the management to treat its employees fairly and in addition employees are given a six-day off by the company to go and engage in community development projects of their choosing.

Ultimate software is another company well rated for its ethical treatment of its employees as well as the general public. In regards to this, the company is known to offer a 100 percent medical cover to its employees at no cost as well as offering expenses for its employees for vacation after every two years. The employees are known to offer some of the best services and with zeal and dedication (Canford, 1998).

Staff training and education on ethics

There are programs that should be introduced on the employee’s training with regards to their ethical matters in the health facility. The first thing is for the trainer to understand the ethical issues well and the way to pass them to the trainees. A very good forum is whereby the employees can be taken for Conduct and ethics conference for at least a day or two. The trainees should be made to understand the difference between a code of ethics and a code of conduct and how they both work hand in hand.

According to Krishnakumar & Neck (2002), staff should also be made to understand the need for the company of facility to introduce the forum. This comes along with making them understand the purpose of acquiring these ethics and the consequences of not adhering to them and the number of warnings one would get if caught in the unethical acts. There should also be introduced rewards to appreciate the most productive and ethical employees as a way of motivation.

In addition to the annual ethics training, the facility should publish charts showing the required ethics for both the employees and the patients in different offices to remind them of the expected behavior in the workplace (Krishnakumar & Neck, 2002). A counselor should also be availed in the facility to advice the few cases caught with unethical behaviors to remind them of the authenticity of ethical values in the institution.


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