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Environmental Analysis is a strategy tool that is us to determine or identify the internal and external element. Using this tool will help to decide will this be a positive outcome or a negative outcome (Gürsel, 2009).  Most organization use this tool before a business is setup because it will help make the decision on where a business will be located.  environmental analysis tool is also set to help the owner determine what’s at stake with their business and what will be helpful and preventable.   There and internal and an external element to this tool.  Both is used in diverse ways. The aim of this paper

Internal environment is what is known as in house, something that can be control by the owners. Internal elements could be the employees or the police and procedure.  Any house police that the organization has control over is known as internal.  The working condition with in the business is a huge factor of internal.  This can affect the company business at great length.  It’s important to be fair and treat the employee with dignity and respect because they are the face of any company as well.  They are the for front of the business holding the key to positively or negatively affect the company daily operation or financial results

External is an environment that consist of operational environment and general the owner has little to none control over.  This is the outsource such as the economic, cultural, technologies, these are element are not control by the daily operations of the owner.  Each one 

Urgent healthcare

     Changes in Hospital Competitive and Strategy will be a huge change in the market regarding Health Care.  There be competitions from all types of healthcare Centers.  Theirs Hospital, Nursing Homes, Rehab, Cancer Treatment Centers and other Healthcare centers and Providers.  It will be a nonstop competitive stage where all healthcare providers will not only try to meet the needs of their customer but over exceed the need of their patients.  There are many ways that they can build the famous health care center for the needs of all customers.  First determining what kind of health center will drive the force up to the needs of our residents and community.  Being able to meet the care needs on a daily basic.  Doing this will take some very educated staff in all fields.  The best solution to making sure that equated staff is a part of this team is to not just hire staff but hire the best staff from all cultures.

     Competitive in Urgent Care has may a change across the country in and out the United States.  You used to only see doctor offices or hospital that set on a block or two.  Now the hospitals have expanded to small urgent care center that are open to 24-hour care (Gürsel, 2009).  These urgent care center are located all over town to meet the needs of the community.

     Long Term Care is changing and rising every day.  Meeting the need of the community has cause new ways and recent changes to take place within older and newer healthcare centers.  Changes has call renovations on a hold new level (Werhane et al., 2010).  Having a more modern long-term health center that will provide the care and meet the needs of the residents.

Hospital system is driving the market up on all levels more so on the finance side.  Gürsel (2009), said that there used to be one hospital with one name, now hospitals are expanding all over the country driving there market up to build the cliental on all levels.  Hospitals are reaching for the sky in the market.  They have also reach as far as building another hospital on a newer or modern scale.  Catching the eye of many at the same time building a strategy to treat every illness on all level.  It’s not only important to be a good-looking hospital but to be the best in all service provided.   

     Skilled nursing facilities is often used for rehab and Nursing Home patients.  They have increase the growth of their services (Gürsel, 2009).   Some of the newer skilled Nursing Facilities are providing services such as fitness center that has a swimming pool and therapy pool.  Whatever it takes to raise the bar to a higher level the skilled nursing centers is willing to make the changes.  Other skilled nursing center has set up dialysis in house.  This allowed that health care center to compete with other local health care providers.  Raising the bar to make change how a skilled care would be normally run.


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