Investigative Report

Investigative Report: The Federal Register and The Foundation Center L28179070 HLTH 553 B03 I conducted an investigative report on the Federal Register and the Foundation Center during the week of August 28, 2017. These are two resources designed to assist organizations in acquiring grant dollars. The following are my findings: The Federal Register What is …

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Willow Lakes Senior Living Community Strategic Plan

Willow Lakes Senior Living Community Strategic Plan Survey of Healthcare Management HLTH 310 – 1404A – 01 American Intercontinental University – Online Abstract This paper will provide information on the strategic plan for the Willow Lakes Senior Retirement Community and the plan can be accomplished. It will address the strengths and weaknesses of the internal …

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Learning Activity 1

Learning Activity 1 Instructions Topic: Virginia’s Health Rankings Go to the America’s Health Rankings website and follow THE RANKINGS link to view the full state report for Virginia. Examine the state’s health value and rank for each health Determinant and Outcome, as well as the combined rankings for these and for diabetes, obesity, and smoking. …

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Dealing with Grant Improprieties

Discussion Board 3 Liberty University HLTH 553-B02 Dealing with Grant Improprieties Grant management entails precise accounting and job oversight along with other fundamental necessities that require a large amount of attention and accuracy (Duffy, 2010). There are many opportunities for errors within grant management as they are responsible for the planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, and …

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Social Determinants of Health Inequalities

Read “Social Determinants of Health Inequalities” by Marmot, 2005, located in the Reading & Study folder for this module/week. Discuss the following points in your thread. Review the Discussion Board Instructions before posting your thread. Marmot uses the more European term “health inequalities,” while most American authorities prefer “health disparities” when referring to the large …

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