HN144 Unit 2 Seminar – Human Behavior and the Environment

Unit 2 Seminar – HN144: Human Behavior and the Environment

•Based upon the five assessment categories of motor, play, adaptive, social, and language, identify possible environmental hazards for children under the age of 2.

At the age of 2, children become to be more adaptive and able to listen. They tend to repeat more or they hear gradually. I feel being in an environment where there is always adults arguing and fighting can be considered hazardous. A Childs behavior may become more aggressive. They may grow to be just as aggressive as the adults. When the child grows it may be too much for the adults to handle causing more stress. It’s like the domino affect or “Monkey see, Monkey do”.

•How might the environment negatively influence a toddler’s normal development?

The child may end up being nervous all the time whenever hearing loud noises. Or tend to do bed wetting a lot. The child may end up being emotionally damaged where they become sensitive. I they are used to hearing yelling and shouting , the child may end up screaming for everything that they want instead of just speaking. We all know that babies cry but in his case where it is beyond excessive or where the child screams for things as if they are an adult can be bad.

•How might complications with pregnancy affect a young infant?

Complications in pregnancy can affect a young infant when alcohol, drug use, stress is applied. Drugs may cause a low birth weight and fetal alcohol syndrome. If a pregnant women is physically, mentally and verbally abused it will eventually have an effect on the child. If the mother does not eat healthy the child can be have poor calcium, strength and problems with growth.