How politics and economics impact to species and ecosystem

How politics and economics impact to species and ecosystem




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Politics and economics have got variety of impacts to both the species and ecosystem. When we talk of economics and environment, we clearly analyse how water, soil, air, forests, fisheries and biological assets are affected by politics and economics. All these are the key influential determinants of economic growth or failure (www£1). There are both positive and negative impacts brought about by politics and economics to our ecosystem and species as discussed below.

Politics and economics have positively led to globalization and industrialization. Globalization is not only about political or economics but also cultural, environmental as well as military factor of growth. Globalization has impacted to increase goods and services across borders because of new improved technologies of manufacturing and production (www£3). On the other hand, politics and economics have impacted negatively to the ecosystem and to species. Due to industrialization and globalization, the ecosystem has been polluted through waste products from industries (www£2). Smoke containing harmful gases from factories has polluted the air, chemicals used in farming has caused soil infertility, polluted water bodies, transportation sector and many other have affected the ecosystem. Due to environmental degradation and exploitation, it has led to climate change causing global warming. Variety of our species including fishery sources, wildlife, plants and others have been affected leading to death and many while other migrating to favourable areas.

In conclusion, it is with no doubt that come 2030 we would have lost our biodiversity because of human activities causing global warming. The planet is heating at faster rate than it was in the past decades because of globalization and industrialization (www£3). We need to recover our species and our ecosystem through afforestation, implementation of policies governing natural environment and resources, conservation and preservation of the ecosystem and many others.


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