How streaming is changing the music industry





How streaming has impacted music industry

Evolution of music industry cannot be described without bringing in the idea of music streaming. I have witnessed music industry change since I was a kid and we can see how things have shifted from what it was till now. As we live in this generation, we can describe ourselves what we have witnessed. Music streaming is a new technology where listeners can view and watch music online after paying for them (Morris, Jeremy, and Devon 107). To my point of view, technology is largely to be blamed. All the new things happening today has been changed due to technological advancement. As technology advances it has impacted how people receive, access, listen and share music. The main objective of this paper is to describe how music streaming has affected the music industry.

Impacts of music streaming

Major companies such as Spotify, apple and amazon have made it possible to stream music. Through their websites, users can listen or watch to music in form of videos or audio. We have all at one time subscribed to music streaming sites after being compelled to do so. if you have streamed music you should have experienced the many changes that have occurred in this digital age. You can no longer compare to the old days where we could buy cassettes and disks. We have evolved with the music. We can now listen to music in our low weight phones anywhere as opposed to the old radios and cassette players. The paradigm is also shifting to eras where music was enjoyed by watching live bands. We can now watch their videos in our mobiles.

To describe these impacts, I have broken down the main changes in which streaming have brought about to four. These are in terms of listening experience, revenue, EP track listings and new releases.

Listening experience

As listeners, we are more interested in high quality music, Vinyl Eps have really attributed to high quality music (Borja, Karla, and Suzanne 88). Quality went down as producers compressed their music files to small files such as .MP3s, that really lowered the quality of music in the early days of music evolution. But as we can all attest, we can see that since the introduction of music streaming, we can now experience high quality music. It has aided the distribution of music to the end listeners. Many music producing companies have noted this and working tirelessly to bring back the thrill brought by music to listeners.


Before the introduction of music streaming, artists could not get much from their productions due to music piracy (Borja, Karla, and Suzanne 87). A musician can now earn a lot from music through royalties from music streaming industries. Producers, songwriters, record labels and artist can earn a lot of money from their albums. Music streaming companies have over 30 million subscribers hence this can now be tapped to give a good stream of income (92). Talking of the number of subscribers contained by the streaming companies we can see that web streaming has broadened the reach of music to all parts of the planet earth through world wide web. These broad audience is what adds a lot of revenue to music producers. It not only adds revenue to artists, but music streaming companies have also achieved and avenue in which they can tap to the music industry through commissions.

EP track listing

From the evolution of music from cassettes and video tapes to music streaming, musicians can now increase the number of music shared. This has ensured that the audience receives a better listening experience and, hence gathering a wide fun base. The number of music records played has risen from about 5 to 16, a 11 song rise in some few years (Nordgård 177). This technology has enabled a better album quality. Biographies of musicians can also be included in the album.

New releases

This impact is both negative and positive depending on who it affects. Before music streams, an original popular artist would stay on top of the chart after a new release. New changed have however impacted them negatively. To new musicians, it is a positive influence since they get much recognition which they wouldn’t if they were old (Borja, Karla, and Suzanne 89). We can also see that it has became easier for new musicians to be seen or get an audience as compared to long time ago. This is good for my guys who have vision in joining the music industry. You can actually gain mileage in music. Thanks to music streaming.


To conclude, we can see that music streaming has brought much positive change to the music industry. Technology has enhanced this industry. Since we live in a world full of demands and insatiable wants. I see this moving further in the next decades. The potential is so wide and can give great returns to the main players in the music industry. As we discuss this today and tell of how it has helped us, we should look into how we can be part of the evolution. Music soothes the soul and mind.

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