HRM 530 Week 7 Discussion 2: Training Effectiveness

Discussion #2

“Training Effectiveness” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, determine if Southwest’s method of training is an effective way to conduct training. Support your position. Provide one recommendation for improvement.

There is no doubt that Southwest Airline is using the best methods for providing the training to its employees. Southwest Airline has the University for people giving training to the people and it is focusing in each and every aspects of the development of the people There are eight training departments for the development of the employees in whole perspective especially in their behavioral aspects. Secondly, it is continuously improving the training program in favor of the employees as well the organization for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness. The effectiveness of the training program can be seen in terms of the less turnover of the employees. Employees have trust in the Southwest Airline and believe to be stay with the airline for the long run.

Compare the following training methods: presentations, case studies, simulations, and discussions. Determine which training method you believe to be the most effective and explain why. 

  1. I would recommend that Southwest provide more training classes on line for pilots and flight attendant because they are always on the go, this kind of class will be more efficient and cost effective because sometimes the classes that the pilot and flight attendant would like to attend will always be in their schedule because all they would have to do is take the class on line, just by logging into the company or the class website, with either the company issued or personal laptop. All the trainer would need to do is keep track of who is in attendance and if the assignments are being completed and turned in.

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