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“Under Cover Boss” A Review

Dr. David Fountaine

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Job analysis is a comprehensive and thorough study and documentation of a given job. It directly contributes to many activities undertaken within an organization such as hiring, determining workforce size, suitable employee candidates and more (Price, 2011). Job analysis includes understanding the nature of a job, knowing effective and ineffective behaviors in the job, understanding essential requirements of the job both physically and knowledge based and what level of experience a job requires. In addition to this information job analysis also provides clarity on what criteria is required when considering an applicant such as criminal records, past work experience and legal professional designation.

Under Cover Boss Job Positions

In the episode of undercover boss that I reviewed there was a wide variety of jobs attempted by the CEO of the company. Specifically the episode I reviewed was the CEO of Hooters attempting to get a firsthand look into the day to day operations of one of his restaurants. He is going undercover to get a better understanding of what experiences the workers go through and what obstacles they have to overcome to be successful. Some of the tasks he has to complete are office management, bathroom cleaning and food serving.

One job position I would like to focus on from this episode is the office manager, or in this case the restaurant manager. The restaurant manager is responsible for staffing the restaurant, controlling and monitoring the payroll system and checking the receipts of the dinning transactions to ensure accuracy (Ivancevic and Konopaske, 2013). This position also includes ensuring good communication to all employees and ensuring that all employees have a positive relationship with the restaurant. This requires the manager to be a responsible individual who is transparent in his or her daily operating tasks. Some essential competencies for this position include good computer skills to use modern office management systems, have a sound financial understanding, and the ability to implement technology to improve efficiencies in the work place. Experience is definitely a requirement of this position as the manager will be expected to step in and almost instantly begin to run day to day activities of the restaurant. A degree in management is preferred but not absolutely required and in addition a few other considerations would include occupational certificates, driver’s license and criminal record.

Another job position I would consider in this episode is the role of bathroom cleaner or custodian. This person would be required to clean the bath rooms on a daily basis. They would be responsible for the proper handling and storage of cleaning materials which are crucial for job performance. Some of the behaviors that must be demonstrated in this position is a ready and willingness to complete their job tasks, the ability to take direction from a person above them, and attention to detail to ensure the cleanliness of the facilities. Some skills or competencies required for the position involve being comfortable with working with cleaning materials, being time oriented, and consistency in performance. Experience is second in this position to the willingness to learn and commitment to completion of task. With this position some considerations that may be taken into account are criminal records, physical requirements and past experience.

Method of Job Analysis

Determining the relevant information that is important in a job analysis is crucial to the accuracy of the job analysis. One such method used to gather information is the use of worksheets which are filled out by employees every day detailing what has been accomplished in that work day and how that work may have been improved in some way. In addition to this method there can be secondary methods used such as customer satisfaction reviews to ensure that the job requirements are being meet. The use of questionnaires is a very common method used to gather information. These questionnaires include both internal (employees) and external (customer) questionnaires aimed at gather as much information about the position as possible. Interviewing employees can also be helpful in gathering job information and is vital in understanding limitations and difficulties in a job. Lastly on the job monitoring is another crucial aspect of determining a job description and job study.

Job Description

Job description for restaurant manager; working hours typically afternoon to late evening. Tasks and responsibilities of the job include but are not limited to; supervising payroll system, monitoring and ordering food inventory, cross checking receipts and controlling sales. The applicant should display high levels of integrity, good attendance, be hardworking, be honest and trustworthy. Competencies needed for this position include understanding of modern management software systems, a strong sense of responsibility and goal orientation. At least two years of management or equivalent experience would be required for this position as well as a background check with a clear criminal record. Occupation certificates also preferred in this job position.

Job description for custodian; this position will generally work between midafternoon to late evening. Tasks and responsibilities include the daily cleaning of bathrooms and public spaces in the dining area as well as the care and maintenance of cleaning equipment. This applicant should be time conscious and demonstrate punctuality and consistence in the work place. They will need to be comfortable with taking direction from the restaurant manager and reporting deficiencies in equipment and methods to that manager. Competencies; a high school degree or equivalent certificate, be able to use safely various cleaning equipment and chemicals. Physical demands include, being able to stand and walk for long periods of time, being able to bend kneel or crouch when necessary. This individual would need to complete a background check with some leniency.

State and Federal Regulations

As pointed out by Mathis and Jackson (2011), job description as well as analysis should always comply with state and federal regulations. This protects the applicant from discrimination for any protected reason by the federal government. These Job descriptions list the vital job aspects of a given position without making inferences on a specific type of person to be selected. The job description should be consistent with what is required at a state or federal level such as disclosure of criminal activities and accountability to others in the work place. It also considers that workers in a union are not barred from a job when the job is equal opportunity.

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