HSA 546 Week 10 Discussion: Legal Risks and Operational Benchmarking

HSA 546 Week 10 Discussion Legal Risks and Operational Benchmarking

Use Internet and / or Strayer Learning Resource Center to research articles (no older than five [5] years) on using technology to prevent medical malpractices. Next, discuss the overall manner in which using technology can help prevent malpractices. Speculate on the most damaging consequences of a malpractice case on a physician practice. Support your rationale.

Utilizing health information technology (HIT) to stop these mistakes must be an urgency. Diagnostic mistakes produce the clear majority of medical malpractice suits associate to primary-care office, and it’s difficult to effectively prevent such cases than diverse types of malpractice suits, per a report in JAMA Internal Medicine. They combined dramatic most diagnosis failures were cancer-connected and can at times be traced to three universal areas: Botches in physical examinations, evaluating diagnostics, and attaining and updating patient and his or her family health care records; ordering or failing to write for a diagnostic or laboratory tests; and governing referrals and following up appointment with the patient. A limited amount of protections could be put in position to stop and or alleviate these misgivings, whichever, in turn, might have a key ramification on patient safety and malpractice, the analyst concluded, addition that designing EHR systems to help avert these errors serve as a significance for preventing malpractice in the years to come.

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Imagine that you are the manager of a multi-specialty medical practice that is opening a new office and that you are involved in planning the layout and design of the new office. Determine three (3) functional areas that you think should be given priority with regard to the amount of space needed for efficient operations and patient flow in the new office. Justify your response.

Implementing answer for ideal space design can increase team operation, efficiency, commitment and satisfaction, as well as enhance patient satisfaction and results. This has developed the necessity for an innovate class of practice manager, who is not unavoidably a medical provider, but has reviewed organization in intensity. A multi-specialty, utilizes greater technology and draw top-quality qualified providers. The supporter for the forecast ought to offer an outline for the operational of the practice which explains space necessity, employee patterns, organizational associations, and additional base information connecting to the gratification of the facilities goals. This might be infinite, but must involve an account of each operation, the estimated operational space required for each objective, amount of employee or additional occupants of numerous spaces, types and sizes of equipment, and affiliation of diversified jobs and spaces. Many functions might be joined or shared, depending on the layout does not jeopardize safety standards, medical and physician practices.

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Proper record keeping is essential in preventing malpractice cases for physicians and health care institutions. With the advent of electronic medical records, it should be so much easier now to have better patient records.  What are your thoughts on this?  How does that relate to malpractice issues practices may possibly face?

Record keeping and communication helps to eliminate many of the issues that lead to these conflicts. Mistakes or oversights in record keeping is a leading reason of malpractice issues. EHR software can help formulate documentation simpler than ever with tailored templates let employee to utilize forms that simplified for their requirements, so its take less time to complete.

Electronic health records have been advertised as having, and haven approve to obtain various benefits for healthcare industries in terms of price reductions and effectiveness of healthcare treatment. They are not, whereas, unalloyedly helpful in the legal system. As may be likely, the greatest important proof in malpractice cases is medical records and now that they are computerized these records incline to be in EHR format. Per legal system, electronic medical records come with issues of their own for the doctors facing a malpractice lawsuit. One remarkable problem is the (i.e. autofill) factor in EHR models which routinely populates fields with information that might not be important to the circumstances at hand. Additional problems involve technical problems, along with staffs not using the software accurately.

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