HSA 546 Week 4 Discussion: Medical Group Practices and Public Health

HSA 546 Week 4 Discussion – Medical Group Practices and Public Health

Imagine a life-threatening event or a natural disaster in your community such as a severe weather event, terrorist attack, or other type of public health emergency. Propose an overall strategy that medical providers and public health agencies should include in the response plan that combines the efforts of both groups. Determine how these groups could work collaboratively to effectively manage this emergency.

A public health method to catastrophe risk management will aspire to lower the weakness by acquiring avoidance and mitigation range to decrease the physical influence and to raise the coping measurements and preparation of the health segment and population, in addition to offering conventional emergency care (response) after the disaster has happened. Vulnerability to all types of disasters—and to poverty—is connect to demographic increase, quick development, settlement in dangerous areas, uncertain contingent, climate change, and unintentional development. Losses fall under three categories, which may have both direct and indirect elements: lifecycle and disadvantages (both direct catastrophe and an indirect aftermath) direct losses in power supply and supplies (direct impact) loss in the transmittal of medical care, both healing and protection (unplanned impact). Many injuries in a matter of seconds of that are not serious demand urgent medical care from medical centers, which are at times unready, injured, as was the case in with Hurricane Matthew in Hardeeville, SC and various surrounding areas South Carolina in 2016. One of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate great deal is having light because for period of nine days I did have it.

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Compare, and contrast the model for an accountable care organization to another group practice model. State your opinion as to which model you think is more effective at reducing the cost of healthcare services while improving the quality of care. Justify your decision.

Accountable Care Organizations will compel health care expenses by basically transforming the method in which care is implemented. The ACA approve the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop accountable care plans that search for to decrease expenditures at the same time continuing with quality care or to advance value at with no additional price. The Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations Model is constructed to help facilities with knowledge implementing as ACOs or in similar plans to offer more managed care to payees at a reduced price to Medicare. The model will examine the influence of diverse payment plans in assisting these health care facilities accomplish the objectives of implementing advance care to individuals and decreasing Medicare prices. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services obtained heavily on the Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration project implemented which used accountable care standards.

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