HSA 505 week 3 discussion 1

Brands are logos, slogans and other references that identify goods and services that allow customers to distinguish products from competitive offering (Fortenberry, 2010). Brands are used to identify product lines or the entire organizations and benefit producers and consumers. Marketers can benefit from the branding process by using the Calder and Reagan’s Brand Design Model (Fortenberry, 2010). This model guides marketers through the process of formulating brands that convey customer focused meaning, which is a requirement for attracting the patronage of target markets (Fortenberry, 2010).

  • Evaluate the value of assigning appropriate brand identities to represent health care goods, services, and institutions. Provide support for your rationale.

The Brand Design Model consists of an inner circle representing the meaningful relevant value of a product and an outer circle representing verbal and visual brand expressions. The Brand Design Model challenges marketers to first identify product-related meaning and then formulate methods to convey this meaning to customers through an arrangement of verbal and visual elements (Gandolf, 2016). Through branding, marketers seek to make products more meaningful to customers, and one of the best methods for accomplishing this entails viewing products from the perspective of target markets. To view products through the eyes of customers, marketers must ask themselves how their products positively impact the lives of customers (Gandolf, 2016). When viewing products in this manner, marketers focus their attention on the prime motivator of consumer purchase activity (Gandolf, 2016). These inquiries ultimately yield consumer stories that are meaningful to target markets. When consumer stories have been formulated, marketers then focus on conveyance of these stories to target markets through the formulation of brand expressions. Use the SWOT twice a year to discover key internal and external and refresh the strategies and tactics of the marketing plan. A SWOT is very useful for hospitals and individual in private practice.

  • Assess the value of Calder and Reagan’s Brand Design Model as a device for systematically guiding health care marketers through the process of formulating brands. Explain one (1) reason why a SWOT analysis is needed to help health care organizations understand competitor brands. Provide two (2) examples from a health care organization with which you are familiar that support the value of Calder and Reagan’s Brand Design Model.


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