Bioethical Issue Paragraph

Unit 4 Bioethical Issue Paragraph

Vaccines are an important bioethical issue because there has been an increase in people choosing not to be vaccinated and a lot of them have come down with diseases that could have been prevented. Divine Command theory states that an action is wrong if God forbids it and some Christians believe that God made our immune system and that our immune system is the vaccine. Utilitarianism, which argues that an action or practice is right when it brings about the greatest amount of good for everyone concerned, would support the use of vaccines because the vaccines have success in preventing infectious diseases. Vaccinations are important to me because not everyone’s immune system can support taking vaccines and for everyone else that can handle the vaccine, they are putting the lives of those who cannot take the vaccine in jeopardy. The use of vaccinations will continue to be controversial in the United States because a lot of people do not believe in having themselves or their children vaccinated.