Ethical Theories Comparison Chart

HU245 Unit 2 Assignment

Ethical Theories Comparison Chart

  Utilitarianism Ethical Egoism Ethics of Care Kantianism Prima Facie Duties Divine Command Theory Virtue Theory
How is “good” Determined This is an act that has the greatest happiness it also promotes the best good for the most people. This is an act that promotes an individual long-term interest. For the people that are closest to each other this act will nurture the connection you have. This act is based on reasons and duties that would be ethical is all individuals did the same thing.      
Most Noted Philosopher(s) Jeremy Bentham Ayn Rand Carol Gilligan Immanuel Kant Ross and Plato St Augustin Aristotle
Major Strengths To seek the maximum happiness that benefits all parties This is to encourage independence To focus on the individuals, we love and those who are closest to us Focuses on the rights of individuals   The moral duties are absolute Focuses on what a person is passionate about.
Major Weaknesses An individual cannot always predict the results to please An individual can be looked at as selfish This can threaten one to be transferred into tribalism     This helps make morality into something that is arbitrary This would depend on the individual’s belief

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