HU 245

HU 245 Unit 8 Assignment

Unit 8 Assignment Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? Support your answer using ethical theory. I feel Allen should be allowed to keep his job because since Allen’s expression of speech was done about a personal matter within the workplace, he can claim rights under the 1st amendment, which gives …

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HU 245 Ethics Unit 8 Quiz

HU245 Unit 8 Quiz Question 11 / 1 point Lies of commission involve leaving out vital information. Question options: True False Question 21 / 1 point Kant would argue that we cannot universalize stealing, cheating, lying and breaking promises. Question options: True False Question 31 / 1 point What philosopher believed that lying and cheating …

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HU245 Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality HU245 Ethics Patient Confidentiality Patient confidentiality should be broken if serious harm or death can be caused to other individuals. Prima Facie theorist, adhering to good unless serious reasoning not to, would break confidentiality and make individuals aware in order to protect them from harm or death. Individuals should have the right to …

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Ethics Capital Punishment

HU245-07 Ethics Capital Punishment   Office of Governor Rick Scott State of Florida Re: Implementing a New Judicial Verification System for those on Death Row. Capital Punishment should be legal in all fifty states with the annexation of a new Judicial Verification Procedural System for those that are convicted of a crime and are to …

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