HU 250 Unit 6 Presentation

Brazil is magnificent!

O Brasil e`Magnifico!

Ability to shape the minds of students.Ability to expand the students horizons.Help prepare students into being productive members of society.The University Mission Statement

The Role of an Educator

Why Brazil?

Incorporate cross culture influences into the curriculum.Engage and Interact with the environment/culture.Hands-on experience with diversity, religion, traditions, etc.Enhance overall communication skills and gain the ability to intermingle with other cultures.

Guided tours with local accompanimentLocations on tour are within close proximity to one another.Availability of taking a bus or the railway from one location to another.

Highlights of Brazil

Rich HistoryDiversityVarious tours of locations/buildings

Day 1 – Overnight flight from the US to Rio de Janeiro.Day 2 – Guided tour of Colonial Rio.Candelaria ChurchNovember 15 SquarePaco Imperial

Itinerary Day 1-3

Day 3 – Guided tour to CorcovadoVia railwayChrist the Redeemer Statue

Day 2 – Candelaria Church

Day 2 – November 15 Square

Day 2 – Paco Imperial

Day 3 – Corcovado Mountain & Christ the Redeemer Statue

Day 4 – Guided tour of the Tijuca Forest.Day 5 – Visit the Salguero Samba School.Day 6 – Visit the Maracanã Stadium

Itinerary Day 4-6

Tijuca National Forest

Salguero Samba School

Maracanã Stadium

Maracanã Stadium

Day 7 –Attend the Sambadrome Marques de SapucaiDay 8 –Enjoy free time in Rio de Janeiro & board for overnight flight back home.Day 9 – Arrive back in the United States.

Itinerary Day 7-9

Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai

Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai

Better understanding of diversity.Take students out of their comfort zone.New posture in learning.Promote change.Benefit to University


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