Cultural Activity Report

Cultural Activity Report

Assignment 2:

Strayer University


(Introduction) The purpose of this paper is to identify the plot, three characters, describe two scenes, and an overall reaction to the play. This play is called “Amadeus” and the plot is about the life of a man named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was a very talented and successful Viennese composer. However, Antonio Salieri (composer) was very jealous of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gifted talent. Antonio blamed God for not giving him the talent such as Mozart naturally had. Antonio went to the extreme to destroy Mozart anyway possible, even death.

(Three Characters in the play) The three characters I chose were Antonio Salieri, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Lorl. Antonio Salieri is a composer that works hard to make music but feels it is not enough to compare to Wolfgang. Salieri was jealous of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because he was beyond gifted by God as a composer. Antonio would do whatever it takes to destroy the life of Wolfgang and more. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was what many would say a “genius”. He had a talent of composing music that was very compelling to the ears of others. He was married to Constanze Mozart, who did not seem to get alone with Wolfgang Father, Leopold Mozart. Leopold thought she was not the woman for him from the begin of their relationship.

(Describe the first scene) The first scene, I would like to describe would be in Part 1 of the play when Antonio Salieri sat in a cherry wood rocking chair that sat next to a brown round table with a glass goblet with a tray of almonds. This scene has Antonio talking directly to the audience. Also, the beautiful chandelier that was across him hang. Antonio was dress in a Burgundy roll with a white shirt underneath. He had on white tights with black heel shoes. To top it out he wore a headpiece. The costume was well fitted as well. Behind Antonio on the floor laid a rug that has been rolled up. Antonio talks about his childhood while nipping on the nuts. Describing his love for music as a young child hoping to become a famous composer, conductor and much more. The background is dark and has a piano sitting on the opposite side of Antonio. It is a brown piano with a bench and a beautiful blue scarf draped in front of the piano with the end draping on a pole that is short and rests on the floor behind Antonio. In part 1 of the play, it is a scene involving Van Swieten and Salieri. Van Swieten offered a welcome hand to Salieri to join the Mason’s. Salieri: “I would be honoured, Baron!” Van Swieten went on to say that the invite would be extended to Mozart as well. I believe that Salieri was exciting, but nerves at the same time. The conversation was between the two men and it seems to go well. The facial expression of younger Salieri was nervous and honored at the same time.

(Describe the second scene) The next scene is from Part 1; it was set up the same almost. The curtains were in the background, but different color (red). It was the scene were Mozart and Constanze were playing cat and mouse games. Mozart was dress in a pant two-piece suit that was green and pink with white tights and black shoes. Constanze wore a beautiful pink dress and an updo hairstyle. Constanze tried to hide underneath the long brown table standing next to the piano. Mozart continues to make cat noises, as they played the game. As time went by Mozart asked Constanze to ‘Marry him’. She told him that his Father would not allow that to happen at all. She felt this way because Mozart’s Father spoke negatively about her. Mozart was very serious about making her his wife. On the other hand, Contanze facial expression that she was happy anyways. Mozart said: Marry me! Constanze told Mozart, don’t be silly. Mozart: Marry me! Constanze: Are you serious? They both seem excited about the conversation.

(Overall reaction to play) The play was quite interesting and had some hilarious parts as well. It was a classical play that involved some famous composers in the musician world. All while dealing with drama as well. It expresses the love, hate, and ambition of others throughout the play. I enjoyed listening to Salieri talk to the audience about what was about to take play and his life. The costume of everyone was beyond beautiful and the makeup with the wigs was amazing. I felt that it was overall one of the best classical play I ever seem. I would recommend this play to my best friend. She is a teacher and I am sure that her students would enjoy it.


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