A Reflection of Benjamin Franklin: Why Franklin is Still Valued

A Reflection of Benjamin Franklin: Why Franklin is Still Valued

HY 1110, American History I

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A Reflection of Benjamin Franklin: Why Franklin is Still Valued

This reflection paper will cover Benjamin Franklin and why he and his ideas are still valued today. This is not meant to be a biography of Benjamin Franklin but more of a look of a few things he did in his lifetime that had a resounding effect on the young United Stated of America. This will be cover by the following sections: who Benjamin Franklin was, a few of Mr. Franklin’s Views, and lastly what today’s perspectives are of Mr. Franklin.

Who Was Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin franklin was born in Boston on 17 January 1706 and died in Philadelphia on 17 April 1790, never calling one place home (Skemp, S. L., 2006). Mr. Franklin was one of America’s founding fathers. He was a brilliant man who mastered several trades and had many skills. Benjamin Franklin was highly regarded as a scientist, inventor, diplomat, politician, educator, librarian, writer, and publisher. In no area of life did Franklin fail to exhibit extraordinary interest, from medicine and music, to science and philosophy, to technology and satire (Parachin, V. M., 2017).

Franklins Views

Benjamin Franklin had several views and ideals. One of the most important was his political views. At the heart of his political vision is a view of democratic citizenship, a rich understanding of the qualities of the heart and mind necessary to support liberty and sustain happiness (Pangle, L. S., 2010). Franklin also viewed the people’s freedom of speech and press in high esteem this can be seen by his work as a writer and an owner of a printing press company. He is probably most remembered for his views on and experiments of electrical energy.

Today’s Perspective.

Benjamin Franklin is easily recognized as one of the most influential figures of America. In the American History Through Literature 1820-1870 (Vol. 1, pp. 61-66) Mr. Franklin’s autobiography, Franklin’s Life has had a great influence on the American culture (Pannapacker, W., 2006). Mr. Franklin’s views and ideas continue to inspire artists and inventors every day. He not only gave his life to the idea of what America should be but set that example with the actions he took.

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