Identify one theory that relate to your area of practice

Identify one theory that relate to your area of practice

The theory that relates to my area of practice is Orem’s Theory of Self-Care Deficit, as I am currently working in a Long Term Care (LTC) facility. Many of the clients in this type of setting are unable to ensure continued independent function due to aging, weakness and/or disease process. Some of the residents at this particular LTC are also there for rehab after orthopedic surgeries, or due to strokes.

Discuss the type of the selected theory according to scope and purpose

Orem’s Theory of self-care deficit is a grand nursing theory specifying someone is in need of nursing care. The scope and purpose according to Orem’s theory is to provide nursing care to anyone who is not capable or is limited in providing their own self-care (Petripin, 2016).

Orem’s Theory identifies five methods of helping: acting for and doing for others; guiding others; supporting another; providing an environment promoting personal development in relation to meet future demands; and teaching another (Petripin, 2016).

Provide an example of how the selected theory can be applied to your area of practice.  The example should include core elements of the theory and demonstrate its practical application.

Orem’s Theory can be applied to my area of practice because many of the patients/residents at the LTC are unable to provide their own Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as dressing, hygiene, feeding, toileting, transferring, etc. Nursing care is necessary for these patients in order to increase their quality of life and prevent falls, skin impairment, and malnutrition. The purpose of this theory is predictive, as it allows us to provide a plan of care, interdisciplinary consults with ST/OT/PT, and provide education to our patients who are experiencing self-care deficit, and to their families.


Petiprin, A. (2016). Self-care deficit theory. Nursing Theory. Retrieved from 

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