Improving Business Information Systems – PowerPoint Presentation

Netflix: Improving Business Information Systems



Founded in August 1997Founders are Marc Randolph and Reed HastingsIt was initially just a website for DVD rentingNow a leading internet entertainment globallyMore that 150 million subscribers (paid).Offers TV series, feature films and documentaries in different languages and genres

Business Information Systems: Roles

Information systems are critical.Operational functions such as billing, payroll and ticketingControlling and monitoring of employee activitiesGathering of information for decision makingStores information and allow future analysisConsistency of organizational data


Continuous innovation for accuracy and quick accessHighly organized information systemsInformation systems expertiseInformation systems securityAdherence to legal requirementsData Protection

Utilization of Data Resources

How Netflix uses big data for entertainment successContent creationEnhancement of user experienceData analytics for buying patterns and customer behavior

Utilization of data resources cont’

Netflix big data



Watch history

Show Nature

Re-watch program




Credit Calculation

Utilization of data resources cont’

Top N Video rankerVideo-video similarity algorythmTrending nowPersonalized video ranker

Driving Value from business information systems

Data analytics for customer satisfactionInnovations Increase productivityAccurate predictions for right content to the right consumerCompetitive advantageEnhancement of user experience

Process Oriented Organization

Culture of successUnique talent approach and organizational cultureNetflix core valuesInnovation in the use of technologyOrganizational planning and structure

Security and Ethical issues

Cloud security concernsData confidentialityFears of data lossPrivacy managementCyber crime

Business Continuity Planning

Backups and disaster recoveryHigh availability servicesGeo-location of servers

Summary of major Findings

CompetitionCloud services security concernsCyber crimeFast changing technologyCustomer expectationsPrivacy management


Constant innovationInnovation in use of data to find out customer expectationsInternal and external environment analysis to remain competitiveCloud security measuresEthical practices


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