INFA 620 Laboratory 3 Identifying TCP Conversations

INFA 620 Laboratory 3: Identifying TCP Conversations Assignment (SECTION A) Find the first TCP handshake. What are the packet numbers in the handshake? The three packet numbers __5__, __6___, and __7__ (20 Points). What is the IP address of the host that started the handshake? __130.57.20.1__ (15 Points) What is the TCP port connection pair for this

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INFA620 Lab2

INFA620 Lab2 Is this a two-way conversation? One way conversation Are there any ACK’s? The are no visible ACKs How long is the data portion of each packet? Why? Packet length is 78 bytes Why is the sequence number zero (seq=0) in every packet? The sequence number is 0 in every packet because there was

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INFA 620-Lab4 Firewall Final

INFA 620 Lab 4: Firewall Introduction You are the Network Security Administrator for an organization. You are responsible for the configuration of a firewall that segregates the enterprise network from the external network. You will strategically allow authorized incoming and outgoing traffic while denying all unauthorized traffic. In this lab, we going to practice setting

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