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Climate Change Intellectual Forum

An intellectual community can be defined as space that or forum that is mutually recognized for the purposes of sharing knowledge. The digital online platforms such as websites, universities, the social media, and television live shows form such intellectual community forums. Others entail public gatherings where people with common agenda go to share ideas, per say the TED Talks, thus contributing to a much more informed society. One such intellectual forum is based on “Climate change” and the need to improve climate. In a recent article by Salovey (2018) based on a World Economic Forum held in 2018, it was outlined that improved and better climate change lead to better opportunities for doing business. Various policies and approaches towards combating global warming were outlined.

On the other hand, in a school setting, using University forums as intellectual community platforms, the issue of clean air being good for business is explored. According to Burston (2019), poor air quality has continued to affect the way business operate in most urban centers. It has resulted to reduced crop yields, electricity generation, and diseases that reduce the rate of manpower in the economy due to health issues. As a result, these two article have been essential as online intellectual forums where people can share ideas, opinion, and strategies about the impacts of global warming and pollution on climate and what can be done to improve climate in various countries. This is with the understanding that the increased adverse climate change is taking place globally and all nations must come together and agree that they need to result to green energy and do away with fuels based on fossil fuels.


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