Internal and External Stakeholders FEMA

Internal and External Stakeholders: FEMA

Internal and External Stakeholders: FEMA

CRJ 499


Assignment #2: Internal and External Stakeholders: FEMA

Considering your chosen topic,

How have internal or external stakeholders influenced the situation in a positive or negative way?

How will you consider stakeholders in your solution to the problem?

How will you motivate individuals to buy into your solution?

Prepare a 3 – 4 page paper that covers the above topics

Internal and External Stakeholders: FEMA

From previous historical viewings of FEMA administrators qualifications never seemed to be an issue until the FEMA’s response orchestrated by the Michael Brown. All fingers were pointed negatively at FEMA as organization who lacked in its mission. From the Government Accountability Office (GAO) provided a report that FEMA current administrator had no experience in disasters. It was clear indication based off of Michael Brown’s resume that he was an avid supporter during the Bush campaign, in which the president elected for Michael Brown to be the FEMA administrator. The only type of related FEMA experience that Michael Brown “Before joining FEMA as its counsel in 2001, worked for nine years as a commissioner at an Arabian horse association.” (USATODAY, 2005).

Both internal and external stakeholders have influenced the unfair hiring practices for the FEMA Administrator during Hurricane Katrina. The external stake holder such as the President Bush, who appointed Michael Brown, played a negative influenced. While the former president appointed Mr. Brown, the former resident should have ensured that he was well qualified to do the job. During the former Administration of President there were a few negative things that was displayed on his behavior shown toward the Hurricane Katrina himself. While his own response, showed how he had neither experience nor guidance on emergency management efforts when dealing with disasters. When your leadership lacks experience show does the managers who are following. Michael Brown could only do what he knew which nothing was. The internal portion of FEMA such as the employees that operated to response based on the needs of Hurricane Katrina could only do as directed. Therefore, hence why the response was so slow and effortless on because of the ripple effect of Michael Brown and President Bush.

The stakeholders internal and external should know that a FEMA Administrators are required to have high qualifications and certifications in emergency management. As the leader of an organization, the appointed should have experience in community outreach related programs, helping communities mitigate ways to alleviate disaster related damage, and also being understanding the organization structure and it’s efforts in response and recovery. I find that after Hurricane Katrina, the next administrator had a lot of cleaning up to do for not only an organization but to the general public. Which will require, the president and future presidents to have a good understanding of an excellent emergency manager from a top down approach for both internal and external stakeholders.

In order to motivate individuals to buy in to fair hiring practices it would have to start from the Administrator and the Administrator will have to make sure that fair hiring practices are taking laces through the organization based the skillets and qualifications needed to do some of the jobs within FEMA. For example: The current Administrator Fugate has “served as Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). Fugate served as the Florida State Coordinating Officer for 11 Presidentially-declared disasters including the management of $4.5 billion in federal disaster assistance. In 2004, Fugate managed the largest federal disaster response in Florida history as four major hurricanes impacted the state in quick succession; Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. In 2005, Florida was again impacted by major disasters when three more hurricanes made landfall in the state; Dennis, Katrina and Wilma. The impact from Hurricane Katrina was felt more strongly in the gulf coast states to the west but under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact or EMAC, Florida launched the largest mutual aid response in its history in support of those states.” (, 2014).

Unfair practice are all of over the government but when it’s the head of its agency it can be detrimental for the external and internal stakeholders. However, necessary highly qualified individuals are more effective when proving leadership and motivation to work with/for the agency. Now that Fugate in charge of FEMA, FEA has rebuild its own name of being a successful agency based on the leadership and guidance of Fugate per his credentials.