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I will compare and contrast the management information system for two different organizations and I will talk about how the information system help them manage operation and make decision plus how the information for the two organization use information technology for competitive advantage and the consequences of information technology and recognize the potential security breaches and computer crimes.

Compare and contrast the management information systems (MIS) in place in 2 distinctly different organizations.

In today’s world there are many organizations and businesses that use MIS for example Amazon.com and TPS (Transpacific Software PVT ITD) are the organizations that use MIS adequately. Amazon and TPS use comparative MIS to accomplish the compelling and more complete way so that focal points might be accomplished appropriately. They use MIS in order to organize and help managers understand what’s going on in their own department to make better use of their resources. These two companies use management information system for reports on things like sales, revenue and production. These reports are provided at a regular interval to managers at all level to help them evaluate their company performance.

Compare each organization’s use of information system to help manage internal operations and to make decision.

Amazon and TPS use many different information system to help them manage their internal operation and to make decision by improving its marketing techniques and the efficiency of its distribution channels in time with the fast development of technology in the retail industry. Managers use MIS to gather and analyze information about various aspects of the organizations. They also use MIS to help enhance their communication with their customer and employees. Amazon do this by offering personalized shopping experience for each customer by using 1-click shopping and several community features like List mania and Wish list that helps customer discover new products and informed them of buying decision. Amazon use the web site name Amazon Web Service (AWS) and S3 (Simple Storage Service). Application built using AWS software developers kit range from enhance associates sites that advertise products for other companies through their web site.

TSP has extensive experience in building and maintaining e-commerce portals for consumer goods, jewelry, diamond and color store industry.

Assess how these two organization use information technology for competitive advantage.

These companies use information technology to competitive advantage by providing a product or service that would enhance their customer’s value more than the other competitor. It’s not all up to information technology to give a company a competitive advantage; it’s the way they use the technology that makes a different. Companies need to use information in an innovative manner. One way they can do that is by lowering their prices or providing quality services other benefits that would help the customer. They can use information technology by creating a strong competitive advantage by using strategy that cannot be imitated by other companies. For example Amazon competitive advantage is

TSP competitive advantage is

  1. Economy scale
  2. Have a large loyal customer base
  3. They offer thousands if not million in products
  4. They have partnership with many businesses. Amazon sells other companies products on their web site.

Appraise the individual and organizational consequences of the use of information technology and recognize potential security breaches and computer crimes.

  1. E-commerce store developed by specialist
  2. Fast diamond search engine
  3. 3D jewelry model viewer on WEBGL technology
  4. Semantic web tagging for enhanced SEO
  5. Information technology is concerned with managing and processing information. As more information technology is used in organizations, it is important to understand the impact on individual and organizational productivity. One consequences of using information technology is the startup cost when implanting any type of information technology. In addition to the cost of hardware and software, some vendors want you to purchase their license for each employee that will be operating the system. Businesses must examine the cost of training employees in unfamiliar technology because advanced programs still require formal instructions by expert consultant. So you want the best training possible because you don’t want to make any mistake that might cost your business. But one downside of using information technology is that you don’t need people to input anymore transaction because all you have to do is give the computer a command and it will do the work for you, it’s not every business. For example automated telephone answering systems have replaced live receptionists in many organizations.

    It is up to the director to make sure that suitable measure are taken to protect the company’s information system and data on those systems. Business has to implement some kind of security protection to keep hackers and other people who want to do harm to the company. First of all you got to understand the threats and by doing that your security team can build their system that are both proactive in their approach and reactive in their defense.


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