ISCOM 374 Convoy Trucking – Intermodal Transport Equipment and Regulations

intermodal transportation and regulations

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Convoy Tracking Identifying and differentiating between what types of equipment Convoy Trucking will need to transport customer contaminated water by intermodal .Defining and Analyzing regulations Transportation Management System(TMS)

Convoy Trucking’s new Bid

New Large Bid New Customer (H2Glow) Contaminated water Regulations

Equipment to use

Trucks Loading and unloading equipment Intermodal tank containersPumps (Murphy & Kneymeyer, 2015)

Equipment cont’d

Pipes Valves Plugs

Transport costs

Transport Regulations

Transport regulations are guidelines that regulate waste disposal These guidelines are provided by relevant authorities like OSHA and HAKOMConvoy Trucking should comply to these guidelines

Regulations cont’d

Environmental– Regulations to safeguard the environment Safety – Regulations to ensure safe transit Economic – Regulations for sustainable economy

Transportation Management System (TMS)

How helpful TMS is in Convoy TruckingIt helps inProcurement Shipping Planning

TMS helpful elements cont’d

Best mode Cost management Traceability


Convoy Trucking will achieve efficient logistics of the polluted water if only it uses the equipment efficiently and puts effort in compliance of the environmental and safety regulations regarding the new order. TMS will facilitate efficiency in distribution.


Paul R. Murphy, Jr., A. Michael Kneymeyer (2015) contemporary logistics (11th edition). Upper Saddle River: Pranked Hall. Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection