Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

Microsoft Office Applications on Demand



The first step was already completed. I already had an account with Microsoft (Drive one) I created this account a few years ago. While taking an online class. However, I didn’t have a folder for this class. a file was created as directed in the instructions. It was not hard to complete. The later proceeded with step two. The installation was installed successfully on my PC. From the school server. Logged in with my school information. After the account was verified through the email. The One drive is set up and ready to acquire some files. Later the files are created. To create the folder, you first must go to New in the above menu bar. Name the folder and that the final step for that stage. And to upload any files to the folder is a relatively easy method. The first thing you click on the folder that you want files in the folder. On the above bar, there is an option where you can upload documents. Then you can navigate to any files or folder on your pc. Once located select it and hit upload.

I am very satisfied with what steps to take to create a folder and files to upload to. I had this software for a while, and never used the full functionality of it. Until taking this class. I believe this is very useful for using it for my class and professional status. Where I can use it and maybe have attach a link for a classmate or on a professional level to edit. Given the permission granted.


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