Technologies in Medical Field

Technologies in Medical Field

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Technologies used in hospital enable the medical practitioners to minimize or eliminate error completely. The errors that may arise include lack of good communication, improper medication among others. Various technologies are in place. In a different hospital and what differs one from another is the function and the department each one is performing (Thanou, et al.2014).

Wearable Materials

One of the current technologies is the wearable technologies which both the patient and the doctor and health care providers were. There is the surgery glasses .the current technologies implement in the health care is to increase the relationship of the health care providers and the patients (Alrige,et al.2015).

Advantage and the Way it solve Health Issues

These glasses also allow the doctors to train the medical students and also another benefit is that they allow one to treat a patient using telecommunication. In this case, the wearable technologies assist in health issues because most people do not survive in the event of emergency sickness but the fact that the doctor can treat while he/she is far from the medical facility it may save the life (Thanou, et al.2014).

Fusion Operation Rooms

In the operating theaters which have everything in the same place. In service areas, minimize errors and increase the patients experience in the surgery room. Like in the case of women giving birth through cesarean section, it takes less time and improves efficiency hence people can trust (Alrige,et al.2015).


Its advantage is that it enables the sick people to recover fast as compared to the traditional surgery equipment where you had to wait for an extended period to heal the wounds. It improves the medical issues as people spend less time in the hospital and it minimizes the cost and expenses that could arise (Thanou,et al.2014).


It is where the sick people get access to health facilities online, and the doctor treats them and gives them the necessary drugs .it may be through the internet, phone, Skype and other means and everything are done on a fast method as compared to others (Thanou,et al.2014).


The advantage of this it saves time and reduce the stress of going to the medical facility and queuing and also the expense of also is convenient in case of the emergency case that needs fast attention where one can get fast aid before reaching the facility (Alrige,et al.2015).

Advantages of Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals

It is computers that perform instruction without basic getting command from a person. The benefits of this are that:

One they react fast. Some sickness requires one to act once which for the human being it might be a challenge as we tend to think quickly. From this robot may assist as it may be made for particular individual problem like eye problem and can save a life (Alrige,et al.2015).

It also allows cost reduction and human labor. One robot can be modified to perform various things at a time hence this may reduce employees in the organization and hence eliminate the expenses that accompany human labor.

Robots can also be of use in areas where it is a challenge to is because one the artificial intelligence is located there the heath care provider can control it using a computer from his/her office and solve the health issues. It may assist the hospital in fully covering all its duties and save lives. They are essential especially now that the technology is evolving day in day out and also different complications are arising daily (Alrige, et al.2015).


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