IT190 Unit 6 Seminar Alternate Assignment

Alternate Assignment

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Unit 3 Seminar opened up with Prof Van Hook explaining that the week is talking about the internet and use of the internet. She asked if online school was not an option, how would be you be going to school right now? My answer is I’m not sure I would. I might have to try to do some distance learning by doing a conference or correspondence course; however, I’d probably still struggle because my schedule is so variable. Prof Van Hook was trying to address some tech issues, and helped troubleshoot people, so she asked what are the major browsers are right now? I typically use Chrome or FireFox. The major browsers available are Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Safari. I wasn’t sure whether this was a question for course content or for troubleshooting. She asked if anyone had ever worked with a blog. I have worked with WordPress to manage a website, but not really in the sense of a blog. An explanation of the parameters of this week’s assignment came up next. Following that, Prof Van Hook posed the questions What is the Internet, what is the Web, and what is the difference between the two? My answers would be the internet is a network of computers, connected together by means of a global network. The web is a means of accessing other computers on the internet. Prof VanHook explained the internet is connectivity given to you by your Internet Service Provider. Then she said the web is a subset of the internet. She gave a quick overview of the history of the internet, including explaining how AOL worked. She then explained some website development protocols. She explained web URL’s. Next she gave an overview of Social Media. She asked what is Social Media? She also asked what is Web 2.0? She explained what both of these are. Then showed some social medias. Another set of questions was posted, How would you define privacy on the web? This I would define as keeping some information off of the web, this creates privacy. Are there specific websites where privacy is a major problem? Yes, there are, mostly social media outlets have problems with privacy, because people tend to put information on the web via those channels that maybe they shouldn’t share with the world. She asked What steps should you take to secure your personal information on the web? My answer would be don’t put personal information on the web. Prof Van Hook then showed some email etiquette. She went over Wiki Sites & blogs next. She also went over web entertainment. She asked how often you use the internet? My answer is at least hourly. Question 5 came up, Who is the largest retailer online? I would say amazon. She asked What are the differences between eCommerce and mCommerce? eCommerce is electronic commerce, mCommerce is mobile commerce. I would explain that mCommerce is a part of eCommerce. She asked what online purchases have you made this week? I haven’t made any this week. Prof Van Hook went over some eCommerce statistics next. She went over web searches next, then website evaluation. After that, Prof Van Hook closed the seminar.


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