Network Guidance

Network Guidance

IT 190.

Unit 7

In regard to the Little Country store, constructed in the early 1900’s with standard wood construction and has all the wiring up to code. We are installing 3 laptops in total, two of which will be located within the store, the third will be inside the home. For A better understanding of the different types of network; Home area network (HAN): Limited connection, usually use in small homes, it has a limited connection and adequate speed. Metropolitan Area Connection (MAN): Usually found in cities or college campuses, it’s a smaller version of WAN and is more superior than LAN. Local area connection (LAN): A network of several computers or devices connected over the internet over a short distance. These devices can share a printer and information over the internet. A LAN connection. Personal Area Network (PAN): A single person network, it’s like a personal hotspot that has a very short distance that only the individuals around the network can access it. Wide Area Connection (WAN): covers a larger area than MAN. Is defined as Wide area network.

The Jones needs to be able to access information from any of their devices and computers. They have decided to go with the wireless gateway. They need to be able to print files, chare and access their information from any of the 3 access points. I plan on setting the machines up using peer to peer (P2P) so the Jones’ won’t have any trouble accessing any of the 3 machines and will be able to view/ share their financial reports and print. A client/Server is a network that connects computers/ devices to a central server(s). Peer to peer (P2P) networks are comprised of two or more computers connected with each other without the use of a central server. P2P is known for having a client and server.

When dealing with wired or wireless connection. There are a few things to consider. A wired connection is a computer wired to the modem via a coaxial Cable, and a wireless connection has no wires. It connects to the internet via radio waves to a router or switch that broadcast the signal. I recommend a wireless connection with a wired connection since the family already has a wired connection setup with a speed of 75/15 with a CAT5 cable for back up. When dealing with network hardware its easy to feel overwhelmed because there is so much to choose from and everything seems to offer the same thing. My recommendation is either the NETGEAR AC1200, which you can find with the local Xfinity service or the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 which you can find with your local AT&T services. The Motorola DOCSIS provides N45o power boost with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. The NETGEAR AC1200 offers a downloading speed of up to 340 and giga ethernet ports for faster wired connections. For network security and backup, I would recommend Norton Security, It’s a well known security system and was awarded protection 2018 and it also has life lock to secure your identity.



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