Leadership And Management Models

What are the unique characteristics of servant leadership and how do these elements make it different from other leadership models?

Define the paradox of servant leadership, and explain where you see this paradox present in your own representation.

  • The unique characteristics of servant leadership have actually made it vastly different from other leadership models, due in large part to, servant leaders focus on how they can give back and care about others instead of a desire to be on top (be a leader) of others. A servant leader has multiple characteristics to make them a good leader, yet they crave to serve others before themselves, servant leaders focus on the small things that lead to great accomplishments. Meanwhile other leadership styles focus on only the big picture of improving the image of themselves or their organization. Servant leaders choose to focus on making an effort towards bettering people’s lives by serving while in a leadership role.

Based on your understanding of effective leadership, how do you think your representation captures those qualities or characteristics necessary to lead effectively?

  • The paradox of servant leadership is confusing to some, and many will ponder the idea of how someone can serve others and still be a leader. Yet, there is so much more than just serving others out of desire. In my model, a servant leader needs to meet or have certain characteristics in order to effectively serve and lead those around them. In my model you can see that the paradox of servant leadership is so much more than just the desire to serve, it is having the knowledge and awareness to be a leader but having a sense and desire to be selfless and serve others so that each and every person can grow.