Listen and Ask the Right Questions

JWI 505 Discussion – Listen and Ask the Right Questions

Convincing others to buy into an idea, a product, or an initiative requires listening and communicating effectively.

Scenario: Your company has developed a new initiative and you are tasked with gathering buy-in from your team, as well as learning if they have any objections to this initiative. 

· Describe the new initiative and why it is important (e.g.: a reorganization, a new product, maybe a new technology, etc.)

· Draft three (3) questions for your team designed to gain buy-in and support of this new initiative

· How will you know if your questioning was effective?

Your team needs to know they have a voice; how will you let your team know you are listening to them and that their opinion matters?

The correct way of answering such a question can be summarized as follows;

Firm re-organization,creation of a new product or rather new technology can come with numerous advantages.If a firm decides to re-organize,it is able to increase its efficiency and effectiveness on how it does its staff.New product come with new revenues streams,attraction of more customers and therefore organization growth and expansion.

New technology does significantly contribute to increased effectiveness and efficiency,increased capacity and therefore productivity of an organization.

When one wants to promote a new product,some questions are key.For example you need to know;

What really does the team think about the Product about the quality and quantity standards and the pricing also

How does the product compare to the similar product offered by the competitors in the market industry.?

What can they say about the product impression to the customers?

The more the reaction of the team the better the liking of the product.positive reactions means that the product may actually achieve market saturation within a small period of time and gain competitive advantage over other products in the market industry.It is critical to for your team to know that they are very resourceful when t comes to making any decisions.To do so you can take notes on their opinions to show them that they really matter or even involve the management along with them as a way of showing them that their voice is given equal attention as anyone else.

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