Jacques Batiste Research Plan

Running head: Jacques Batiste Immigration Status

Jacques Batiste Research Plan



TO: Supervising Attorney XXX

FROM: RE: Jacques Batiste Immigration Status

DATE: 8-30-2019


Jacques Batiste is a Canadian citizen, who is not legally authorized to work in the United States. Jacques Batiste witnessed a crime between two individuals engaging in a drug transaction at the hotel in which he works. These individuals saw Jacques Batiste and fled dropping “Stamp Bags” of heron. Later that evening, several individuals died from overdoses caused by heroin sold in the distinctive stamp bags. In order for prosecutors to prosecute the individuals for murder they need Jacques Batiste to testify as a key witness. Jacques Batiste is reluctant to testify out of fear for his safety as well as his current immigration status.


If Jacques Batiste testifies against the two individuals charged with murder, what consideration will he receive regarding his safety and his immigration status?


Start sites for general searching:


  1. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services- Immigration search of rules and regulations.
  2. WestLaw- A federal and state legal search engine.
  3. Findlaw- A legal search website.
  4. Google- A general website search engine.

Specific Websites:

  1. Immigration visas-Finding different ways to obtain an immigration visa
  2. Illegal immigration- Find the status, and possible loop-hole around the status
  3. Allocation- How are legal visa obtained
  4. Documentary Requirements- What documents to you need to provide to immigration agents.

    1. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.gov- Victims of Criminal Activity: U Nonimmigrant Status visa changes.
    2. 8 C.F.R. § 214.2 Special requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status. Rules for immigration status/ Federal statues and regulations.
    3. CitizenPath.com-Adjustment of status application for legal status, Citizen Path helps you prepare the entire Application to Adjust Status (Form I-485)
    4. This memorandum provides the fact pattern concerning Jacques Batiste. With concerns about Mr. Batiste testifying and his safety as wells as his immigration status. Some websites provided above will help with research to possible changes to Jacques Batiste immigration status. Also provided above are keywords to search for on these websites to find statutes and regulations that pertain to Mr. Batiste immigration status.


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