Management Support System Presentation

Management Support System

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Company ABC intends to use a Management Support System(MSS)The MSS will aid the managers to :Retrieve informationRunning ScenariosPerforming what-if analysesTracking performance to determine goal achievementIt will generally be used in decision making and running of the company.

Comparison chart

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}Comparison chartDecision support SystemHuman Resource Information SystemCustomer Relationship ManagementAssesses alternativesCollects and stores data about employees of an organizationCollects sales and customer informationModels projections based on existing data from the databaseGenerates reports related to employee salaryGenerates Sales reports and trendsAssisits in decision makingAnnual performance appraisal report generationMarket Basket Analysis reportOrganization structure generation

Features an MSS

Databases Data queryModel creation and executionReporting generation and graphicsStatistics and forecasting

Benefits of using an MSS

Increases efficiencyBetter interdepartmental communicationDecision quality improvementImproves productivityScales up and strengthen company’s competitive advantage Allows the exploration of scenarios and possibilities before a final decision is arrived at.

Types of Decisions the System will Support

Model based DSSCommunication Based DSS Data based DSS

DSS Utilization at Top-Level Management

Develop goalsStrategic plansMake decisions on direction of the businessCompany policies

DSS Utilization at Mid-Level Management

Monitoring group level performanceDiagnosing and resolving problemsSupporting cooperative behaviorsDesigning a reward system

DSS Utilization at Low-Level Management

Assigning tasks SupervisionEnsuring quality of productionReporting employee problemsMaking recommendations and suggestion

MSS and Establishing a Competitive Advantage

Prediction by using modelling and Artificial intelligenceQuick and prompt decision making Scalability Steady workflow through organization and efficient communicationFaster turnaround times


Adopt MSS Gradually from the top management then mid man agent and finally lower management. Investigate and study various companies that adopted MSS to see their result before and after.Invest initial recommended resources since it is an investment for the futureStart as soon as possible so they have and edge through competitive advantage


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