Marijuana Law Outline

Marijuana Law Outline






Marijuana Law Outline

In the year 1970, the Control substance Act was accepted by the congress that gave power to the federal US drug policy to put boundary on the utilisation of Marijuana, it’s manufacture and distribution. This act did not put to consideration the health benefits of marijuana in that it has some chemicals that favour the health well being of a person. Some states have gone to extends of legalising it thus giving room for vetting.


  1. State your position
    • There should be no prosecution of medical marijuana. Patients with severe illnesses that have no treatment like tumor, HIV and AIDS get benefits from marijuana.
    • Marijuana can be used for restoration. Some of the chemical components of marijuana have the ability to treat some disorders or side effects.
  2. The context of this legislation – name the expected demanders and suppliers
    • Marijuana has less side effects on the human body as compared to tobacco or alcohol. Research done shows that it does not tamper with lungs and liver.
    • Marijuana has benefits in the medical sector. Patients with diseases like AIDS and cancer get an alleviation from this drug thus very good for their health.
    • People should be given an opportunity to make their decision concerning marijuana. (D Nutt, LA King, WSaulsbury, C Blakemore,2007) It should be a right for one to choose despite their knowledge of marijuana’s harmful effects just like alcohol and tobacco.
    • Prohibition of marijuana costs too much.( S Fazel, P Bains, H Doll, 2006).One has to spend several months in prison, several money wasted on expenses on law and also a very bad record in crime.
  3.  The expected interest groups and there specific arguments 
    • The interest groups includes “The American Medical Association, American Association of Retired persons and the American Association of Health Plans. WM (Compton, ND Volkow, 2006)They dispute the use or marijuana not considering the medical benefits they get because of some side effects.
  4. The expected interplay between demanders and suppliers, interest groups and analyze the public policy environment. 
    • The demanders and suppliers are those who have decided to indulge in using and selling marijuana putting into consideration the position of the customer.
    • People with power have an influence in changing the public policies.
  5. Your strategic policy to enhance or diffuse results of public policy environment.
    • The buyers of marijuana should request for the list of agricultural solvents such as pesticides, composts or fungicides for the safety of their health.
    • The buyers should enquirer on the palatable measurement especially if they are new in using marijuana and the prescription does not have a specific indication.
    • The quality of marijuana and the safety of using it should first be tested for security measures taken on the customers.
    • The different products from cannabis that are sold to customers should entirely be made of cannabinoids to avoid a difference in the cannabis measurement.

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