iPhone X – PowerPoint Presentation

iPhone X

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New Product

Apple released its new iPhone X one year after releasing iPhone 7/iPhone 7+. iPhone X caught everyone attention due to its new beautiful look and different from all the previous year models, iPhone6,7 & 8 are almost same in their looks and features. The internet is full of speculations regarding the new features and look of iPhone X and the main change is OLED screen that displays an improved contrast ratio as compared to LCD panel in previous iPhone models.  The newest feature introduced in iPhone X is its Face ID, which inspired most of the users.


Importance Of R&D

The importance of Research & Development to include lead users and market research is that iPhone X introduces new features, Apple once again becomes pioneer introducing new features like face recognition and various new functions. The iPhone X Choices are excellence as well as providing the facility of after-auctions service. (Chang, 2014)


Appropriate Structure And Culture Necessary

Marketing was supported because of internet, it saved the companies more than 500 Million in costs over the years. Internet is today the best marketing platform, it is used by every single person in the world hence improving the chances of product to be more recognizable.(Ferrell, 2014).All around the world, specially in Europe, Canada and in US market segments were paying close attention towards the iPhone features and demand. Apple unlike it did in past does not set its price more than regular instead while Introducing the product in new market of China, Apple changed its strategy (Kelly, 2017).


Exploration of Future Inventions

iPhone X has Face Recognition feature which is the most attractive feature for most of customers. The new iPhone also does not have the iconic home button as in previous models of iPhone. Apple also claims that iPhone X has improved performance of 25%-30% than previous models. (Kelly, 2017).The new iPhone has a high quality camera at front and back. The back of the iPhone X is made up of glass which is capable of doing wireless charging. Yes, iPhone X turned out to be the best iPhone for the Apple. The features it introduced are the best among all models.


Future Innovations Of This Product

The iPhone X has a unique feature of face recognition to unlock the phone. Customers will be expecting something more unique and innovative with upcoming models. iPhone X is already a very unique phone as compared to its all previous models. Apple will definitely come up with some new feature. May be changes the shape of iPhone and introducing a different iPhone display can make it more innovative and in demand for customers.


Prediction of Product Demand In Five Years

Apple release a statement stating that the iPhone X demand is very strong and Apple iPhone X demand is “off the market” as it sells around the world, The new look and features made a huge difference in sale (Mayo, 2017).There is an increased trend and demand for Apple iPhone. In past years the company introduced almost same models 6, 7, 8 but introducing iPhone X made a huge difference, It is difficult to forecast the demand within five years but if the apple keeps up the innovative strategy than there will be no other phone in market that can compete iPhone, managing it current market position with increased market share.



Over the past few years, Apple introduced the iPhone’s which every customer is fan off. But by introducing iPhone X in the market, Apple is again the most competitive company in the industry. The iPhone X is the best iPhone ever made by Apple. The sound quality and screen resolution with face recognition is most innovative and best feature. Apple keeps on doing the research to maintain its competitive edge in market, competing with other phone brands. Continuous market analysis and feedback helps Apple to make the best every year.



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