MBA IB Semester 3 Exam Part II – Scenario Analysis

MBA IB Semester 3 Exam Part II – Scenario Analysis



Part 1

Data collection and analysis is an essential part of delivering the right results at the end of the study. The method used to collect data should assist John to be effective in knowing which method will be effective for a particular country . Also, the costs and timelines of the process should be used to know which method will be good for the company. There are various external sources used to collect data to be it either secondary or primary method. Some of them include:

The trade associations are an effective way of data collection as an external source. It is because of the benefits and diverts opinions that it gives on particular country investment opportunities and challenges. He only needs to check the trade associations methods used to collect data to understands if it’s a reliable source to use or not .

  • Trade associations

The government statistics of a particular nation are essential in collecting data for a particular time and it’s less costly. The data gives details on the populations, family expenditure, and their living standards, import, and exports, product statistics among other forms essential to business performances. This will be an effective external source for collecting data.

  • Government statistics

The banks’ economic reviews or the international bodies like IMF and World Bank give clear details on the economic viability of a given nation. The data collected can assist the company to know the right channel and strategy to use in a particular country. It makes it become an essential source of external data.

  • National and International Institutions

The company could carry out a quick survey in the areas they want to invest so that they can be able to know the people expectations. The surveys will give the company to select countries that are conducive for them to carry out the business .

  • Surveys

The consumers are the people the company intends to serve hence it would be better to understand them in the area the entity wants to invest. The country would not have same consumers test hence require data collection on the various need and wants before deciding.

  • Consumers

Control instruments

The fiscal and monetary policies of a particular country will assist in knowing the best strategy a company will use in the host nation. It is because they will affect their performance and making it hard for them to deliver. However, good policies will make it possible to govern the market well .

  • The fiscal and monetary policy of the host country

The labor and employment policies assist the company to be attractive to many people across the world. Also, it gives the entity an opportunity to know the costs per year. It will be able to know whether its resources are enough to operate and maintain international operations.

  • Labor and employment policies

The government plays an essential role in supporting or destroying the business activities in particular regions. The government can assist an international company to operate well by giving them a conducive environment to run out their daily operations. It will make the management of the international operations easy .

  • Government involvement

Part II

1. Did AFC have the right to fire Frank and Spenser over something they did in a very discreet manner during their lunch break?

Yes. It is because against the company policies for colleagues to engage in sexual acts at the workplace. Also, if the manager could have not fired them some colleagues might think it’s acceptable for them to engage in sexual activity at work without following set rules and regulations.

2. Do Frank and Spencer have a legitimate lawsuit based upon sexual discrimination?

No. it is because the company did not fire them because of them having an affair but engaging in sexual activity at the workplace plus accessing sensitive location without permission. They were misusing their access code to the data storage room.

3. Is there an issue with employment-at-will?

No. It is because the company seems to had set those regulations already and that is why the men worked in a different location from the women at the job.

4. Is there a right to privacy issue?

No. It is because Spencer and Frank decide to do sexual acts at work which they knew they can be seen or found by colleagues. It was not good for them to expose themselves as they were the ones who broke their privacy and not the company. However, the company felt they can misuse their privilege of accessing the storage room and get unauthorized data hence bridging the privacy policies.

5. Using deontological, utilitarian and virtue ethics as your guides, define each of these three ethical theories and discuss how you believe the company would act based upon each of these three ethical viewpoints.

Deontological ethics is based on the morality of doing things, obligations, and acts where specific actions are intrinsically right or wrong regardless of the consequences that follow them. The company used it because the two didn’t consider the consequences of their actions at lunchtime. So the action they took was based on actions and consequences (Rachels, 2014).

Utilitarian is ethical that works based on the actions done are morally right if and only if they maximize the good and minimize bad (Rachels, 2014). The actions of the two were going reverse with the company culture and values; hence making it hard for the company to keep them.

Virtues ethics works on showing that ethics is about agents and not actions or consequences. Living an ethical life consist of having the right character traits and good morals. The company saw the two lack good morals because they did not consider privacy issues as well as this can expose the company in the future if they didn’t act (Rachels, 2014).