MGT 330 Week 1 Journal

MGT 330 Journal

Professor Eric Smithson

Week 1

Ashford University


“Managers use planning to choose appropriate organizational goals and identify courses of action to best reach those goals (Baack & Minnick, 2014). Within the author’s current position, the planning and organizational goals are set by the Commanders. The orders are sent down the ranks and disseminated through the regiment. The Commander in Chief sets an overall objective and all subordinates oblige. “Organizing is the process of establishing task and authority relationships that allow people to work together to achieve the organization’s goals (Bacck & Minnick, 2014).” In the author’s profession, the task is completed by the company officers. Once orders are sent out the officers are responsible to assigning a task and overseeing the operation.

“In today’s organizations, a manager is sometimes more responsible for recruiting, selecting, evaluating, and hiring employees than is an organization’s human resources department (back & Minnick, 2014).” In the author’s organization, staffing is not an issue. People volunteer because of the reputation of the organization. The core values and service to the United States of America are enough to encourage recruiting. There are individuals who are trained to assist in this process of recruiting however it is still a voluntary process. In the area of leading, all members are responsible for leading the organization. The core values must be displayed at all times. Integrity is essential! The energy is exerted by all constituents. “Controlling establishes accurate measuring and uses monitoring systems to evaluate how well the organization has achieved its goals (Baack & Minnick, 2014). The controlling aspect of management falls upon the responsibility of the officers as well. Measuring and monitoring is how the organization knows when a mission is on target. Checks and balances keep us on target.


Baack, D., Reilly, M., & Minnick, C. (2014). The five functions of effective management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

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