Measuring Customer Service: Union Pacific

Measuring Customer Service: Union Pacific

MGT 400: Logistics Management


Customer service initiatives and capabilities should be an integral part of the supply chain and logistical functions in order to provide a rewarding customer experience. Delivering products on time, accurate, and undamaged continues to be a challenge for logistics departments and supply chains. Logistical systems, plans, and processes should be geared toward customer behavior and a personalized experience. Organizations, firms, and companies in todays business marketplace are continuously looking for ways to improve their service to the customers they serve. The business landscape rarely equates service, satisfaction, excellence, and loyalty from the customers perspective but determines those qualities from the viewpoint of the organization. Understanding what the customer needs, when they need it, and how they need it while incorporating the customer service measures of time, dependability, communication, and convenience can provide a competitive edge in acquiring, maintaining, and growing the company’s competitive advantage.

United Parcel Service is the largest package delivery company in the world and a leading provider of transportation, freight, and logistical services that enables commerce and manages the flow of goods and information in the communities, countries, and organizations they serve. With a customer service staff answering over 300,000 phones calls and 15,000 customer emails every single day, customer service, efficiency, and attention to detail are important aspects of providing an award-winning strategy. Customers are paying for a premium service and expect to receive the necessary support and coordination for their resources.


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