Communication and Personality in Negotiation Worksheet

Communication and Personality in Negotiation Worksheet

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MGT445 Organizational Negotiations


Communication and Personality in Negotiation Worksheet

  • Briefly answer each of the following questions in the “Your Answer” column.
  • Make sure you define your terms using concepts from the course materials, then apply them to understand and analyze your negotiation situation through the course perspective.
  • Cite your source for borrowed ideas in the “Citation” column.
  • Include your references in the References section.
  • Delete the Instructions.
  • Submit your assignment.
  • Be prepared to present and discuss your answers during class.
Question Your answer Citation
Describe a negotiation in which you have participated (e.g., sale or purchase of a house, car, salary, etc.) I recently(sept 2019) purchased a new car, the negotiation wasn’t that great actually. I remember in my younger years that buying a car was like striking a bond or friendship with the salesman, now its just are you buying yes or no. There is no friendship or communication built up.  
Define: Considering the course material (Chapter 7), what role can communication play in negotiations? Effective communication can make or break a negotiation, the person you are working with or even the team in certain situations has something they need to gain from the negotiation. Those needs need to be taken into consideration as they can be leverage to be used and that information is gained during effective communication that is benifical.  
Apply: How did communication influence your negotiation situation? In my situation the communication made negotiating difficult as I know the price I wanted and the dealer wasn’t willing to work with me, so I did pull out of the deal twice as I couldn’t get effective communication. When I did finally get what I wanted the dealer wasn’t happy about it and the relationship soured, there was no good feeling about buying a car.  
Define: Considering the course material (Chapter 10), what role can relationships play in negotiations? Based on the reading, the positive relationships can aid the negotiation and a negative relationship can hinder the negotiation and result in the outcome not being beneficial  
Apply: How did the relationship among the parties influence your negotiation situation? I feel like the dealer wasn’t want to sell a car to people that would negotiate, they just wanted to give you a price and thats it. So when you present another price or try and come to terms on another its met with a negative response that makes buying unpleasant.  
Define: Considering the course material (Chapter 15), what role can personality play in negotiations? A charming personality can work to aid the negotiations, so does being a good communicator. So its key to be sincere rather than serious, a person can be intimidated and thats also a situation where their blocks go up and the situation goes to a stop as far as settling.  
Apply: How did the personality of key players influence your negotiation situation? I like to think that I’m very personable coming from a sales and marketing background, I like to communicate and talk with people and in my situation the communication was to the point and not warm or sincere and thats why I think the communication soured. I didn’t feel valued or that my needs were being met.  
Analyze: How did the benefits, costs, and risks impact your negotiation situation? I think I came into the situation looking to make a deal and the deanship came into the conversation with, “Heres your price” and thats it. The risk and benefit in that situation is very low and really high risk. So that kept the solution at a stand still.  
Analyze: What factors had the strongest impact on the results of your negotiation situation? Why? The biggest factors to my situation are the fact that I wanted a good price that other cars like mine had went for and that I was willing to put a lot down and had been a customer before and the other part is that the company did me wrong I felt in not being willing to communicate what they wanted.  
Recommend: What would you like to change about your negotiation situation? I would like to change the outcome I got, not the price but how the relationship has changed, Tempe dodge had sold me two cars previously and I had felt a good feeling in going there and when I take my car back for service I don’t like being there. Its just coming back to the feeling I had that my needs didn’t matter, “this is the price” and not that the car had sold in their building previously at a much lower price.  


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