Management Theories and the Workplace

Management Theories and the Workplace

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MGT/521 Management

Management Theories and the Workplace

Management Theory Table

Theory Author/Theorist Viewpoint (s)
Scientific Management Frederick W. TaylorFrank& Lillian Gilbreth Classical ViewpointImproving workers productivity
Administration Management Henri FayolMax Weber Classical ViewpointFocus on the entire organization
Operational Management   Quantitative ViewpointProduction and delivery of products and services

Overview of Management

Three roles of management

  1. Improve individual worker productivity
  2. Managing an organization
  3. Leading employees effectively
  4. Motivating and encouraging employees

Comparing and Contrasting Three Theories

  1. Interpersonal
  2. Informational
  3. Decisional
  4. Scientific management theory is best for my organization

    1. Scientific Management
      1. Emphasized the scientific study of work method (Kinicki, 2016, p. 45)
      2. Evaluate tasks
      3. Choose workers
      4. Administrative Management
      5. Operational Management
      6. References

        1. Each employee complete certain tasks
        2. Assigning tasks according to workers abilities
        3. Paid training classes
        4. Dininni, J. (2016). Management Theory of Frederick Taylor. Retrieved from

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