Evidence-Based Analytics and Change Paper

Evidence-Based Analytics and Change Paper


Evidence-Based Change Paper

Change is never easy, What makes it even harder is when trying to accomplish it in a large way. A plant in France needed a change and their leader was tasked with making a massive change or the company was going to close. These situations are never easy and require the workforce to adapt and overcome the roadblocks placed in from of them. The leader decided to take and Empathetic approach to the situation.

Evidence-Based Analytics

The leader of this plant Pierre, decided to do some research and look at the state of the company, the state of the economy and the current course and they determined that this is a path and climate that the company could not survive. This decision is tough as most companies, not just Pierres, will be faced with situations like this. I liken back to a previous class where the subject was Coke and they had to make a decision to compete with Pepsi. These difficult decisions are tough especially on employees as they must make considerable changes to their everyday life and processes they have known for quite sometime.

As a leader it is vital for Piere to take on a nurturing leader role, this is due to him needing to empathize with his employees and understand their concerns and also leverage his support staff to help generate ideas and allow them to feel like they contributed. Pierre is aware their are still orders and shipments to be made and the needs of his employees must be met, he must put a system in place that allows both of those things to be met equally and most important he needs it to be fairly. Pierre must also use his employees to mentor and support one another and allow them to take on new roles and new positions in the support structure other companies. This was done over a period of about nine months before the plant was closing so that the employees were given ample time to adapt to their new situation and also to allow them time to cope and adjust

Managing vs Sustainable Change

The process of managing change is when leaders need to have the tasks involved with the change fulfilled and completed with desire. This means the support staff knows the reasonings for the decisions being made and also empathize with the decision. If this is don’t correctly the staff with accept aspects of the change and ensure that the goals are completed correctly and will not be met with hesitation on their part. It will also allow others to be more willing to move and commit to a restructure as to best fit the new structure of the company. A staff member that is bought into the plan is much more likely to accept the change and also provide feedback that is crucial to the plans success as the subject matter leader. Pierre has made sure of this by allowing staff to see and interview for new positions and his open approach has kept the company alive long enough to fulfill the remaining orders as the employees appreciate him being open and honest. Most workplace situations of this nature end in bad outcomes, but Pierres approach has made it much more passionate.


This compassionate state isn’t one that most companies can take, however what’s right for the employees is going to always be whats morally right. Even though this wasn’t the outcome that everyone wanted, the company was able to end on the right term and the employees were allowed to transition fairly and with integrity.


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