Project Failure Paper

Project Failure paper


Project failure

In order to grow and prosper as a company, organizations are constantly faced with the failing of projects and the fall out as a result of those failings. Lack of finances, communication and employees are a part of a small list of things that can go wrong and result in problems within a company. Being proactive is one tool to help keep projects form failing, in the scenario presented, it is all about proactive and managing the situation and understanding the outcome that could have prevented this situation from growing. As a leader you must make the best decision possible and understand your business.

Erick Thohir

In 2013 an Indonesian business man acquired 70 percent of the world famous Italian football club inter Milan, his name is Erick Thohir. Despite having amassed a large amount of value, the club was in debt and was struggling to stay afloat in the league and risked folding all together. Despite all of this, the team was quite good and had won many championships in recent years, including 5 in the last 5 years, but the clubs low placing in the last 2 years have put extreme stress on finances. Another issue that the new owner faced was that the club was know to only hire Italian players and management, this caused issues with fans and brought the decline on even faster.

Change management

The goal for any club is to be successful and make money, Erick is a very successful business man and knows that being successful is about making your target demographic happy. So, in order for that to happen he knows that changes need to be made and fast, the goal for these changes is to make the club return to its former glory and back to being one of the biggest int eh world. Erick knows he Neds to make changes to the organization and finances, as the new owner he must hire people that have come from outside the company and help make new growth possible. Erick also knows the fans drive the growth and finding people that the fans can emulate with and begun too like is key.

Change tools

In order for there to be change, change management tools must be facilitated to help foster success and ease the flow of growth. For these two be a smooth transfer from one state to the next, the desired outcome but be nurtured and allowed to adapt. When a business has been doing things a certain way for such a long time, there maybe push back a flow chart is a way to adapt an idea and allow it to be digested easily within the company. A “flow chart is a process map that visualize the process within a company for the benefit of everyone, including those who are not directly involved in carrying them out. A culture map is another tool that can be used to visualize a company culture and help influence values, norms and employee behavior. It helps discover information that is vital to the change process and helps positively understand risks.


I think that Erick is very smart and has a long history in business, he’s the first to ever buy a european team and that says something about his past sucess. He took a risk and went with his gut in buying this team and that has paid off in the past, the changes he wants to implement if done correctly can turn the team around and get them back into the winning section they once occupied. It is important however for Erick to put the management and player is the correct spots they should be in as it will lead to more growth, executing this correctly is imperative. Everyone must remain open to new ideas and keep themselves focused on the future.


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