Risks and Managing Resistance Paper

Risks and Managing Resistance Paper


Risks and Managing Resistance Paper

In order to adapt and grow, companies are regularly faced with problems within their organization and thus need to implement changes. Recently Jack white was brought into the Org as the General Manger of the Strickland corporation, there are a large array of changes that he would like to make, but as the newly appointed GM he’s unsure about making changes this early. He needs to balance the risk of these changes with the push back from personnel.

Associated Risks

As the new GM, he’s sees a large amount of potential win the company and has many ideas that will bring the company ahead of its nearest competitor in the field. Although he feels like these ideas are great for the company, he knows that being new to the Org will place a tag on him as being “just new” and “not knowing what really goes on”. This resistance from the employees with the organization give him challenges that can be tough and could result in a lack of productivity with the staff. Negative work environments always break down the connectivity of a work place and work to disrupt the very fabric of gain in the workplace. This could also affect their view of him and disrupt this authority.

Manage Resistance

As the GM, Jack sees a vast array of changes he would like to implement, however in doing so he knows he could encounter resistance that would put the changes he wants to put in place in jeopardy. There are a large array of ways to combat this, first Jack could organize a dialogue between himself and others in the org to help build trust and let them see that he wants to help them all and is willing to listen. This will show trust and that he is not above them and won’t listen, it’s important to help foster creativity and that one way isn’t the only way. According to Ford and Ford, encouraging dialogue is productive to keep the conversation going, to bring awareness too changes and allow new ideas to emerge. (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2016) This would not only allow everyone to feel involved, but also solidify the relationship Jack has with those in the organization and help them feel more comfortable with his qualifications give that he’s new.

Clarifying when these are needs and the purpose for them is as something jack would have to clarify and discuss. “Those affected need to understand why they’re roles have to change.” (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2016). Understanding why these are done and how they can impact is something he needs to ensure so that way the staff is bought in and wants to implement on their daily life. The more everyone feels involved the more passion they can bring to the table and adapt for themselves.

One thing that jack must combat is the past, understanding why he needs to make changes and the previous regimes changes will assist in creating a well rounded and correct approach to the problem. The previous staff had a track record of not adapting and it lead to these problems being in the org, jack must know why they did what they did and how he can fix that with the staff. This will gain jack a lot of trust with his peers and his staff as it will further establish him in the company as an authority figure that deserves respect as he gives it. (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2016)

Minimized Resistance

With all of this taken into consideration, I think it is best that Jack take a slow approach to encourage dialogue in the org. He is new to the old and there could be situations present that he isn’t aware of and its best he allow them to be flushed out as they could affect his plan. In doing this slow approach, he could gain the trust of his peers and also upper management which is crucial in implementing a new strategy for the company and also changing previous mistakes or wrong decisions. This will also help to gain trust from his employees as it will lead to less resistance and slows them to give feedback and help to create a more productive plan that they feel apart of.


I believe that Jack is in a great position, he is new but has already determined what needs to change and how he can do that. He comes into the situations with a new perspective of the Strickland corporation and has ideas that can benefit the corporation long term. He just needs to develop a plan that can implement changes that the employees can identify with and adapt, as well as changes that the upper management see as progress and concur with. All of this will help Jack grow into an effective GM and one that the staff trust and want to work for.


Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. (2016). Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach (3rd ed.). Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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