Business Plan Financial Analysis

Business Plan Financial Analysis

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Research three venture capitalist firms or banksJ. P Morgan Chase Bank BenchmarkRebel Venture Fund The Barringer/Ireland Business Model TemplateRequirementsJ. P Morgan Chase Bank BenchmarkRebel Venture Fund

Pros and cons of completing a competitive analysisKey components to obtain capitalConclusion PageReference Page

venture capitalist firms or banks

J. p Morgan chase bank

The Barringer/Ireland Business Model

Core Strategy: Mission Statement and Customer Service Resources: Chase Arena Financials: Revenue of $25.5 billion across its worldwide operations. Operations: 2800 banks open world wide

J. P Morgan Chase


High maximum loan amounts. You may be able to snag a term loan for up to $5 million if you have a solid business plan, great credit and opt for an SBA term loan.Low interest rates. Your interest rate will depend on your credit and financing needs, but you may be able to snag a lower rate than with other, similar business loans.Highly accessible. Chase has more than 5,000 branches across the US to make it easy for you to meet in person and discuss your loan terms.Quick funding. Your funds will be deposited directly into your Chase checking account once your loan is approved


In-person application. You must visit a Chase branch to apply for a business loan.Open only to Chase accountholders. You must hold or open a business banking account in order to qualify for any of the business loan options offered by Chase.Down payment required. Chase requires you to have a down payment for many of its business loan options.Fees and interest rates. Interest rates and applicable fees aren’t available online, so you won’t know the total cost of the loan until you meet with a banker in person

J. p Morgan chase

Competitor Analysis

Direct competitors: Bank of America, Citi, US Bank, etcIndirect competitors: Pay day loans, loan sharks, Casinos, friends and family Future competitors: Future establishments

J. p Morgan chase

Business Plan

Entrepreneurs of Color LoanMentoring Program Business Plan Assistance Education on Business Management Business Funding up to 1 million dollars.


Benchmark also known as Benchmark Capital is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, CA that focuses on the early stage venture investing in mobile, marketplaces, social and enterprise software.Best Investment2011 –Uber

The approach

Benchmark invests in and works alongside entrepreneurs building startups into transformational companies.The firm has been recognized for its commitment to open source and is noted for creating the first equal ownership and compensation structure for its partners.

The key components

Executive Summary Market Analysis Sales Strategies Financial Projections


The Rebel Venture Fund is a UNLV student led venture capital fund. They invest in companies in Southern Nevada, provide support for the community and their portfolio companies, and give students real-world VC experiences. (Focus in early-stage companies)

Who They Are

Investment Focus

Locations: Southern NevadaInvestment Size: $10k-$50KIndustry Preference: AnyStage: Companies at all stages


Initial Screening on all applications (selections move to next step) In person business pitch/presentation (15-30 minutes)Feedback/ Question and answer session after pitchDue Diligence Process if pitch is selectedGet additional questions answeredGet Relevant documentsGet current financialsProposal and negotiations Deal closing

Proposal process vs Barringer/Ireland Business Model

Business Plan Key Components

Six ways to raise money you need to obtain capital for a new start up

Bootstrap your businessCrowdfundingApply for a loanRaise capital by asking friends and familyInvestorGet investment from venture capitalists

Get the capital you need to drive forward

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In conclusion per our research we found that J.P Morgan Chase bank is the better bank to obtain funding for a small business . They offer loans to businesses that are very small. J.P Morgan Chase bank also offers mentoring along with business plan assistance to an Entrepreneur.


Barringer, B. R., Ireland, R. D. Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures. [University of Phoenix]. Retrieved from

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