Milestone One

Week 2 – Milestone One



3 – Executive Summary

5 – Project Charter

9 – Project Value Statement

Executive Summary

The goal behind the Hospital Electronic Records Application (HERA) is to revolutionize the way we communicate between hospitals, doctors, patients, and health care. Our mission is to create and develop a subscription based web application which allows users to access medical records and data instantly on a global platform, and can be accessed via computers, tablets, phones, etc. We believe that there is a high demand for this type of product, and the need for the ability to incorporate integration with third-party social media. We plan on becoming the new standard for all state and federal medical websites.

There are currently other software products, which has similar features such as electronic heath records, scheduling, and medical billing. HERA is keeping the customer in mind, by providing all of these services, and taking further steps by incorporating other portals (scheduling, inquiries, and consulting). Being that most people spend a majority of their time on applications such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., we feel that this will become the new standard for medical data access. We are also trying to follow all state/federal guidelines and requirements to make our application a better solution, but also more cost effective as we can customize the appearance and use to better suite their needs.

Our growth will be based off being able to work with existing platforms, and being able to migrate existing records into our database, as well as being able to create custom modules if necessary. Our initial funding requirements is targeted at $100K, assuming that we have all necessary resources available to us. We have teams in place to provide building and testing of application, focus teams to give input (making sure that our application is complete and all necessary details included), as well as deployment teams towards the final product completion. We also plan on using consulting teams to work closely with different hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, whom we will offer a significant discount on the final product for their time. Making constant adjustments during the test phase will ensure that we will have the most complete package application before the final release.

Project Charter (Scope Statement)

Project Name Hospital Electronic Records Application (HERA) Project Number Information System Capstone MIS 600
Project contributors Sean Takeda, Corrine Stephens, Sfurti Srivastava, Ufaq Tariq Prioritization Web application
Owner(s) HERA Start Date: 1/19/2018
Scheduled Completion Date: 2/19/2018
Mission/ Purpose  
SOW Statemnet of Work This project is a Web based application which helps user to get all the information of hospitals, doctor’s pharmacy, labs and insurance all togther.This application has various features, which bound the patient to use it because here he gets solution of every health care facility, constrains, issue and assistance.The major functions of this application areThe patient can Search doctors, lab, pharmacy with in your insurance and nearest to your locationAlso pateints can Send and receive reports from Lab and doctorsTherefore, doctors can Send Prescription to pharmacy or to the patient if required.Doctors can Schedule meetings and appointments The application also has calender feature which will keep you updated with all the upcoming Events and free medical camps announcementIt has 24*7 assistance and customer calling facilityEmergency assistanceOn call nurse and doctors assistance Also you can Reviews facility to check about the services of Hospitals, pharmacy and Labs
Major Risks  
Signature Date
Sean Takeda  

Project Value Statement

Hospital Electronic Records Application (HERA) was developed for healthcare systems and healthcare providers across all disciplinarians who are dissatisfied with their current mismatch of technology solutions that are inconvenient to access and lack portability.

HERA provides ease of access to patient health records with interoperability features that allows for easier patient management. HERA provides one-stop HIPPA compliant solutions for all patient management needs unlike current solutions that require multiple applications for each hospital/specialty department. HERA also incorporates the patient by adding scheduling and communication platforms.

Our consulting teams work closely with the hospital, doctors and pharmacies gathering necessary process flow input to ensure that our application will be as successful as possible. Once the application is ready to be deployed, our experienced team provides onsite training and support until operations are running smoothly.

The largest return on investment (ROI) HERA customers see is patient satisfaction and increased quality of care. Having healthcare providers communicate directly using our application, whether it’s viewing old lab results or reviewing a patient’s medication list, allows the patient to focus on what they need to do for their health instead of trying to remember all the paperwork and details that may be difficult to retain. Healthcare providers can focus less on trying to translate what the patient is trying to communicate and focus on the facts that are before them.