Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy

Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy


Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy: Samsung

Mission Statement/Vision

Samsung Galaxy is perhaps the greatest Samsung Electronics device ever made. Samsung is currently the second largest electronic manufacturer in the U.S. according to counterpoint research. The goal of Samsung is to empower the planet and build the future. Samsung’s engineering, creative solutions and innovative products are one of the world’s leading electronics companies. Samsung’s mission/vision represents its determination to inspire its societies by leveraging the three main advantages which Samsung has to offer: new technologies, innovative products and creative solutions, and promoting new principles for its core network, companies, associates and workers.

Market Segments

Samsung Electronics specializes in various industries from TV, washing machines, printers, and portable devices such as cellular phones, communication systems, digital cameras, and laptops.

Competitor’s Strengths/Weaknesses

The Samsung Galaxy is competing but Apple is its largest competitor. Recently, Apple recently released the IPhone 11 in direct competition. The Galaxy Note 10+ and the iPhone 11 have parallels in design and quality. The distinction between these two devices, however, relies more on the preference of customers to use an Android or iOS device. Despite minimal upgrade, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a resolution of 1536 pixels by 2152 pixels at a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. The Samsung W20 5G is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor and it comes with 12GB of RAM. The Galaxy addresses many of the problems that were in the previous model, some of which render it as being a great product.

Strengths/ Weaknesses

Innovative research and development has always been the cornerstone of Samsung. The prices of these services lead to its rivals providing a wide range of products. Tablet, tablets, mobile phones, computer, TV / video / audio, memory cards, PCs, etc. They have 34 centers worldwide for R&D (research and development). With its environmentally friendly goods, Samsung has strengthened its brand reputation. In 2016, the EPO Green Power Company listed it earned its place at 9th among the top 30 software and telecoms businesses.

Both Apple and Samsung are estimated to have sold a minimum of 70.8% of smartphones in the US. Although Samsung’s assets diversified and activities in Asia grew, it remains heavily reliant on the American markets. The US economy is very volatile and a further recession may jeopardize Samsung’s profits and hurt operational assets. Since 2017, smartphone sales in Samsung have decreased. The price sensitivity of the Chinese market has shown a similar trend to India. You dump many of the brand at a lower cost on the Indian market that is detrimental for revenues of Samsung. But this approach did not bring significant results for the firm. Samsung tried to shift its emphasis further in India.

Promotion/Integrated Marketing Communication

Advertising Strategy

Printing and media advertising is one of the core components of Samsung Electronics ‘ marketing mix. Samsung advertising strategy has as a key feature that a multinational electronically-advertising company usually commercializes its specific products such as Galaxy S and Note smart phones. Viral advertising is also commonly seen as one of Samsung’s most effective methods for publicity. For starters, Samsung Galaxy S6 has succeeded in balancing anticipation, a sense of achievement and appreciation with its new 60-second viral marketing video called ‘Anticipation.’


Over last year and now also using different marketing tactics, Samsung made consumers a major draw. The primary objective of the CEOs is to push their company around the globe, showing that Samsung is well organized and able to recognize their brand internationally whilst enhancing and creating premium quality goods with Apple as its main rival. The marketing strategies contribute to the creation of a good brand picture such as a sponsor during the Olympic Games. Samsung is obsessed with the climate and has introduced eco-friendly goods.

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