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Introduction-Crystal C.

Media, is defined as the communication outlets, which are used to store and or provide information to the public. In todays, society media comes in many different forms, such as print which includes magazines, and newspapers. We also have television, and internet which provides us with the biggest form of media, by way of social media. The most common social media outlets are Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Social media, is something that all of us use today. It is such a common platform to be hears, that even the president of the United States of America, uses it to be heard. In this essay, I will go in to depth discussion about the differences between traditional media options and new media options and new media options.

Growing up, I remember watching the new every night with my mother. It was out source of entertainment and how we kept up with the news. I remember, we watched it on channel 9. In New York, channel 9 was UPN 9 News. While watching this, we were able to see the weather, and to find out about events that happened near us Back in those days, the audience ranged from adults to young children, as young as myself, (as I had to be around 9 years old, watching the news channel with my parents). Today, the main source of media is by way of the internet. Social media, which consist of Instagram, Facebook and twitter. By way of these different media outlets, we are able to reach a large crowd of people. Advertisement, in this era, is best done through social media, as day time television is not as popular anymore.

Juan B.

Social media has been growing very rapidly in the last few years. In the last five years there has been an increase of audience in these platforms. Instagram is one of them and has created a big buzz in the marketing industry. It mostly reaches young and fresh faces in almost any type of industry. Instagram is a platform through which a person could share the photos by making it interesting with several edits. This is a good way to create an interest in public and attract them into several events or towards several brands. This strategy would help to get the target audience list.

This could be done by creating several small quotes and details about the business and serving area. Several events will also help the business to gain limelight in the industry. The target market for visual marketing will be the people who are using the internet services and are a very frequently coming to a platform where the marketing is done. The youths are the biggest target segment in this case, therefore youth would be the right target market to focus on and they will further do the word of mouth marketing to the elder segment of people. For this demographic we use the traditional media like Television mostly reaches only “passive consumers“, meaning only the content that is provided to them. This is also considered inflexible media, there is no interaction between consumer and the media and its audience. There is no immediate feedback from the consumer or the audience. There is a limited scope and reach of demographics compared to new marketing and new style media.

Jazmin P.

As marketing develops further, new methods have emerged, typically known as “new media.” Most of these approaches are said to produce better results than other “traditional media” or even “old media” tactics. Traditional media allows marketers to reach a wide target audience through billboards, print advertising, TV commercials, and more. In comparison, new media allows marketers to reach a small target audience through social media, paid online advertising, and search results. Because of its broad targeting and advertising channels, traditional media tends to cost more than new media.

According to WebFx (n.d), even if you currently may not rely on social media as a method of marketing, there is a good chance that you will know what social media is and how it works. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are used by businesses to communicate with potential clients, as well as to improve their relationships. The biggest advantage of social media is that it helps you to connect directly to potential customers without limitations. You can easily and in a very personalized manner, answer questions, receive input and address issues or potential problems. While this can at first seem daunting, with businesses wanting to improve their customer service, it has proved rather helpful.


Social Media has become the newest trend; it keeps people connected via web. New friends, old friends, networking, branding, promoting, posting pictures and or uploading videos is a creative way of staying Intune and up to date in the world and the community. Previously years back, social media was not as popular or as fascinating as it appear to be now a days. Even for interviews and applying for jobs they are placed on social media with just a quick link or tap to press apply and boom your resume is uploaded. Ex Youtube and Linkedln are a leading source in America all over globally for social media sourcing and interactive.

Christina Brewer

Keeping up with marketing has evolved tremendously thanks to the internet. This new modern way to market has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers in a more efficient manner. Traditional media is still an important way to capture and audience but the internet and marketing on social media is faster, reaches a bigger audience and allows us to view what is being advertised whenever we chose. New Media is also easily available and has many channels to be accessed such as social media, online streaming with radio and television and is proven to be a more economic way to market. At the end of the day, there should be a good balance between traditional media and new media in order to reach the best audience. This has proven to be a beneficial way to market.

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