NRS 490 Discussion Project Evaluation

Project evaluation is a structured assessment of projects either complete or ongoing. Project evaluation is carried out to ascertain the achievement of the project in-terms of efficiency, effectiveness and impacts. Project evaluation is important to project stake holders and the implementing body in determining the state(planning, implementation, and monitoring of outcomes/results)of the project and providing information that is used in decision making.

The goal of this particular project is to reduce 30-day hospital readmission of heart failure patients through the use of patient education and post-discharge follow-ups. This is an evidence-based project and the result are expected to turn out as required. The outcomes will be weighed against the set targets. We will therefore assess the outcomes over a give period of time in selected cardiac health care centers.

The assessment will sample ten hospitals for a period of six months, where nurses will have been equipped on patient training techniques. The chosen period and the number of hospitals will be sufficient to test the success of the project. The nurses will be expected to train as per the suggested intervention and to carry out follow-ups as documented. For a period of six months, we will be able to observe and document patient outcomes and readmission rates. Interviews and questionnaires will also be administered to nurses and patients to fill out regarding patient training and 30-day readmission.

The data obtained from the different hospitals will be used to compare the rates of 30-day readmission before and after intervention implementation. We will also be able to observe the rate of change of early readmission from the early days when training begins and as it progresses to the sixth month of evaluation. The assessment expects that during the early months when training just begins, the rates of readmission will be higher and starts to reduce as training and concept gets clearer with time, as patients and care givers get to understand how to carry out self-care and self-management. The project is successful if 30-day readmission rates decrease as a result of patient training and follow-ups.

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